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Karima Kibble
Just Karima

Karima Kibble has been a consistent and pivotal member of the sister group Virtue. When other groups have fallen by the wayside, Virtue has stayed together (although they are currently on hiatus).

With Just Karima, she has ventured out on her own for the time being (read the Insider Interview), offering up an urban pop offering with help on the production tip from Rodney East, Kyle Lovett, Styles Fuego, plus a song contribution from Debra Killings. Karima shares writing duties with upcoming artist, Terrell King, who also serves as vocal producer on several songs. (Hear the audio clips).

CD Karima teams with Fuego and King to bring the retro 80's soul jam, "Forecast". The song title is a metaphor for understanding that the bad times in life will not last always. It's such a light groove, but still grabs you.

"Hold Me Back" is a feel-good pop song that speaks of chasing after God. Karima's vocals wonderfully mesh with King's "butter" backing vocals to make the cut a keeper.

It's great to see how Karima is trying to inspire and help others who listen to this album. She speaks about the great responsibility that God put on her with the smooth ballad, "Seen It Coming", while bringing young voices in to assist on the Killings-produced number, "Dream".

"Light" is the hardest hitting track, and the song that issues the biggest challenge to believers to be bold in Christ everywhere they go.

Lead single "So Happy" is infectious and catchy with regard to music as Karima freely proclaims how she feels to be in God's presence.

Wedding planner take note, the Rodney East-produced, "Love Of A Lifetime" is the perfect song. Karima sweetly sings this one and the backing vocals are the icing on the cake.

Just Karima is a well-assembled project; Karima Kibble brings freshness to her solo debut, making this project one not to miss.

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  • "So Happy" -- Click To Listen

  • "Just To Know" -- Click To Listen

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Production: Various
album release date: Sept, 2009
Life Music

— review by Dwayne Lacy

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