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Somethng new from Karen Clark Sheard is always anticipated. With her second project for Elektra Records, Clark Sheard reunites with both Donald Lawrence and PAJAM and brings a praise and worship focus to her material.

Karen Clark Sheard spoke with Gospelflava.com about the new project and what it means to her.

Karen Clark SheardGospelflava.com: What would you say that this new project brings, compared to the last album, Second Chance?

Karen Clark Sheard: The Heavens Are Telling is more of an inspirational album. It's giving praises to God for deliverance from the dilemma that I had the last two years with my health. I just wanted to send up praises and have total Holy Ghost church with this album.

I was at death's door, but now I am able to continue serving God. I'm alive and am able to continue my ministry, which God has appointed for me. I just to wanted to make it known to Him that I'm just glad to be alive to continue ministry again.

Gospelflava.com: What is the importance of having your husband, Bishop Drew Sheard supporting you?

Karen Clark Sheard: I wouldn't be able to this without him. He was the one that actually encouraged me to go out and step into a solo career. It means much to know that my husband is very supportive.

The Heavens Are Telling
Click for review The Heavens Are Telling is a broad-spectrum project with both live and studio elements, that shows the many faces of Clark-Sheard. With the live material produced by Donald Lawrence...

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Gospelflava.com: Donald Lawrence was instrumental in your solo debut, Finally Karen. With The Heavens Are Telling, you've brought him back to produce the live portion of your album. Can you talk about that?

Karen Clark Sheard: Donald was there at the beginning of my solo career. He knew about the Clark flavor and of course he was a fan of the Clarks. I love his work. I love his professionalism. He's an expert of the live session. He paved the way for me on my first live session that I did. I think when it works the first time, you might as well stick with it.

Gospelflava.com: You have the respect of many artists and producers in the secular industry. How do you let your light shine in the secular world?

Karen Clark Sheard: It's hard because you're being invited into the deep secular world. Knowing how we (The Clark Sisters) are respected, it first of all encourages and helps keep me to do what I do, as far as letting my light shine. Apparently there is something that they see in us and hear in our music that causes them to continue to give us respect.

When I go into the secular world, I try to do what I do and just be who I am. I live what I sing about and don't cross that line, even though you are tempted in those types of atmospheres. Because we have a Foundation, it keeps me stable.

Gospelflava.com: How do you go about mentoring your daughter Kierra mentally, musically and spiritually?

Karen Clark Sheard: I am so proud of Kierra. The upbringing that we had worked for us and it established foundation. Of course, there was my mother, Dr. Mattie Karen Clark SheardMoss Clark, who was just a mentor and an example for us in her own right. I just try to continue and follow in her steps. The way she directed us and the way she steered us prepared us to deal with the music industry. Of course it's different now than it was then. I just try to incorporate what's happening now.

Of course I try to do what my mother did. She let her light shine in front of us. She lived a great life in front of her girls. What better foundation can you have than being brought up in the church? The Word is what keeps you and holds you to be a representation of the Gospel to the world. So I try to mentor Kierra in the way of holiness, so that if there is a situation where she's in the middle of the secular world, she would have foundation as well.

Gospelflava.com: Your sister Jackie Clark-Chisholm had a live recording recently. Tell us about that event.

Karen Clark Sheard: I'm very excited about my sister Jackie and what God is doing with her right now. This is something that she had dreamed to do, a praise and worship CD. It's different for her and we are very supportive. It's bringing out something different that was hidden. It's very exciting to see her embark on this project, because she has always been the one that was laid back. To see her branch out demonstrates that we all have gifts that God has endowed on us. Jackie was one of the ones that was straight in the back. Now God is bringing her up front.

This is a very exciting time for Karen Clark Sheard and her family. She continues to amaze with the great music that she puts out and the calling on her life. What's next? Well, "The Heavens are Telling".

interview by
Dwayne Lacy

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