Book Excerpt
I Am Well Able
(Elder Louise Cage)

Elder Louise CageElder Louise Cage writes I Am Well Able, a book that shares her personal testimony of the trials and triumph of being a single parent.

She opens the book of her life with her three children, including gospel’s own Byron Cage. She suggests that though life will cause you to go through many unfortunate experiences as a result of the actions of others, your suffering may be the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you; it is to make your life more substantive and rich in comparison.

Cage opens her book with this prayer.

“Let’s pray: Father in Jesus’ Name, I lift every person to you who will read my story and relate because they have come through or are in the midst of issues of marriage, divorce, single-parenting, being misunderstood, or any other misgivings that have dominated their every awakening minute. Help book them, by faith, to embrace the fact that they are Well Able to conquer anything that you have allowed to come their way in this processing period of their lives. Help them to understand that this is a new day, a new time – time for a complete change!

Thank you, for all that You did for my children and me then, and for all that You are doing now. I pray that Your Blood will cover every reader and give each one of them peace. I decree that the words and scriptures found within this book to be a lasting memorial to Your patience with us; Your greatness, You mercy, and most of all Your Love. In the Matchless Name of Jesus, I pray. Amen, Amen, Amen. And it is so!”

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