Book Excerpt
Do-It-Yourself Publicity
(Phyllis Caddell)

Phyllis Caddell-M is the owner and CEO of PC Public Relations & Management. For over 15 years she has represented Stellar, Grammy and American Music-award-winning artists who book have appeared on The Oprah Winfrey Show to CNN. She distributes the Do-It-Yourself Publicity newsletter, conducts publicity workshops, and speaks throughout the United States. Her book Do-It-Yourself Publicity: For Those Too Cheap Or Too Broke to Hire A Publicist is currently the PR text at TCAA (The College Of Aspiring Artists). She resides in a suburb of Los Angeles with her husband Zenon Christopher M.

Below are some excerpts from Do-It-Yourself Publicity: For Those Too Cheap Or Too Broke to Hire A Publicist:

"A press conference should be used cautiously, since they are somewhat inconvenient for the media. The best way to make enemies with the press is to invite them to a press conference to hear an announcement that could have been sent to them in the form of a press release. There is only one reason for calling a press conference: The subject demands a question-and-answer format. Or it is necessary to tell the story effectively in person."

"Have you ever wondered why or how certain people, specifically non- celebrities, become guests on television talk shows? Or what they've done to get a spot on The Oprah Winfrey Show? Before I was a publicist I would watch TV and wonder why a certain person was sitting in the chair next to David Letterman or why the entertainment news show covered a dancing monkey. I later found out that, whatever your niche or talent, media first had to find you or your story newsworthy. Then it had to be something that would be of interest to a large percentage of their viewers and not just your grandmother who is your number one fan."

"A successful DIY publicist must know how mediums operate in order to use them effectively in distributing a message. You should understand how to approach each media and to meet its requirements. You'll need to identify the specific audiences you hope to inform and influence. And you must determine which media are best for each publicity campaign."

Stay tuned for more excerpts...

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