Syreeta Thompson Album Release Party (2011)

There was no better way to conclude the biggest and busiest weekend in Gospel Music than attending the release party of one of Gospel's unique talents, Syreeta Thompson. Perhaps better known as the "Trumpet Lady",this is one of Gospel's leading trumpet players. The Stellar Award nominee concluded the weekend by celebrating the release of her new project, In His Presence.

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Hundreds filled Living Word Community Church to hear the new and exciting music from this power house musician. Hosted by Mark Henry, the evening kicked off with praise and worship. First up was Claude Deuce, who sent the place into worship by singing Lamar Campbell's, "More Than Anything". Lending powerful background vocals were artists Kyla Jade, Josiah "JoJo" Martin, and Danielle Harris. Claude finished the set with "What More" a smooth tune off his latest CD, The Young Elder.

Dorinda Clark-Cole was on hand to introduce Thompson and explained how proud she was of the young lady that she spent time mentoring. She explained that her hard work and dedication was like no other and how serious she was about the gift and call of God that was on her life.

The party was officially started when the Trumpet Lady opened with "Victory" and the tone was set for an inspirational night of true praise and worship. As you sat there and witness this musical genius at work at times you thought you were in a jazz club hearing soothing music, and the next moment you felt the urge to drop to your knees in worship. Dorinda Clark-Cole joined Thompson on the albums leading single "In His Presence" where she brought forth those famous jazzy vocals that have made her legendary. DeWayne Woods stepped into lend his smooth and comforting style to "Make A Way". Thompson explained that the song was birth through a personal situation where she depended on God to make a way during tough times.

A freedom of worship fell over the room as this great trumpet player flowed with the spirit of God that was very evident within the place. Many explained how her release was the perfect way to clam and very busy and demanding weekend. To be in attendance was truly an honor as we witness the career of a Gospel treasure and legend in the making launch out into the platform that God has given her.

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— reviewed by Martin Williams

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