Interview with Twinkie Clark

The name of Elbertina (aka Twinkie) Clark is most often associated with the prestigious titles reserved for notable artists such as Rev. James Cleveland, Thomas Whitfield and her own mother, Dr. Mattie Moss Clark.

Twinkie ClarkTwinkie Clark has been most notably called the Mother of Contemporary Gospel music, Queen of the B3 Hammond organ, and simply 'musical genius'. The Detroit singer, songwriter and musician has been a staple in the Gospel music industry for more than three decades.

Twinkie's third release on Verity Records is Home Once Again...Live in Detroit, and it proves yet again that she merits every accolade afforded to her. Gospelflava.com spoke to her about the project.

"It was an exciting project to complete," states Twinkie, and she credits producer Alex Asaph Ward (see interview) for a magnificent finish to a rough start.

The live recording at Greater Emmanuel Institutional Church of God in Christ in Detroit, returned Twinkie back into the ambiance of her musical roots. Her commanding presence on an organ takes on a new form of fascination. The singing prowess that she exhibits takes hostage the attention of anyone within hearing range.

Audiences of Twinkie's concerts leave the venue feeling that they've seen and heard one of the greatest musicians alive. Yet Twinkie's perspective is filled with with humbleness, "I see myself as a vehicle, a vessel being used by God, having purpose, and yielding to God."

In fact, the expectation for the project, in terms of what Twinkie sees as the purpose of the album, is an uplifting perspective. She expresses hopes that the project will encourage those in the ministry who continually give of themselves, and that pastors and evangelists and many others in leadership roles will gain strength while continuing to strengthen others.

Album: Home Again, Live in Detroit
CD Any listener can't help but zoom right into the Clark Sisters new cut, "I Made It", written by Dorinda Clark-Cole. This is straight up classic Clark Sisters, filled with all the thrills, chills (but no spills) —everything that you expect in a song by these legendary foursome (Jacky, Karen, Dorinda and Twinkie). Divided into two tracks that total a combined 10 minutes....

See full album review.
Twinkie's own testimony is of needing strength. She confesses that she "went through a dry season. I was empty and didn't have anything left." Her words spotlights the too common fact that many have more breakdowns than breakthroughs in the music industry. Twinkie cites intercession and praying on her behalf during those times as encouragement and precipitating a breakthrough.

"It gave me inspiration," she says of the encouragement of those same people whom she now aims to encourage, and now able to say, "Thank you Lord", after that self-described dry season, Twinkie's purpose for her album is a meaningful one.

From the beginning of this Clark Sister's career, there have been three women in her corner with their own brand of unique encouragement, and in keeping with tradition, "Mattie's girls" display their signature, tangible connection with Twinkie on the album. Twinkie says that when the four are together musically, that "it's like old times. We're like friends being friends on stage".

And with friends you are always welcome.

Home Once Again, Live in Detroit highlights that you can go home and continue to be a blessing to the masses as Twinkie has. In their presence and in countless other places, Twinkie is a vessel that God continues to use for His purpose. She has understood the call to service from a young age. Musically, she has been labeled a Gospel Legend, and it's a title of which feels worthy. Her mother, whom she calls, "my greatest inspiration," also garnered the title for her career. Twinkie says she believes that she herself is a legend because her mother was a legend.

"And I wanted to be just like her," say Twinkie. "And also because of the experience and awards. Yes, I am a Gospel Legend."

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interview by Ceeairrah Van Cobb

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