Interview: Tye Tribbett

Tye Tribbett & G.A. is preparing for their third recording session for Sony. GOSPELflava.com caught up with Tye for a few informal, brief moments to discuss the new session, and to gain some insight into recent events. Check it out:

GOSPELflava.com: Tye, you have a live recording coming up on August 17th & 18th 2007 in Virginia Beach. What's the concept?

Tye Tribbett: Standout weekend, man, it's a radical movement in the Gospel industry for the bold in Christ. It's the voice of the three Hebrew boys. They weren't going to be convinced or be manipulated to serve and worship anyone but the true and living God. It's gonna be amazing! You definitely don't want to miss this event! This is an event for those who are bold in Christ and who are not ashamed of the Gospel.

Tye Tribbett GOSPELflava.com: You know, you are pretty bold and not ashamed every time you step on a stage and preach just as much, or even a bit more, than you sing. What's that all about?

Tye Tribbett: I understand the concern from the crowd at times; they have paid their money and they want to hear singing. I figure you already have the CDs, you know our songs, so why can't you leave with something you didn't have before you left, like deliverance and healing? But again I understand the concern, so with this new project we have turned what I preach into songs so… you're still gonna get it anyways!!

GOSPELflava.com: Hey, win the lost at any cost (that's Erica Campbell's line, ha ha!). Back to the recording. There is a Friday event and a Saturday event. What one should I come to? What's the difference?

Tye Tribbett: BOTH! Friday we have the new material and is a ticketed event and then Saturday we are having more of a celebration on the beach, free of charge. I'll be there hanging out, interacting with the fans and supporters, and for those of you who DIDN'T know, Virginia has so much talent! We're going to have an open mic talent show and showcase that night, and whoever else wants to be a part on that Saturday. Tye & GA will be ministering Saturday as well.

GOSPELflava.com: Open mic? Kind of sounds like the opportunity you gave the participants at the retreat earlier this year in March. Tell the readers about that before we let you go.

Tye Tribbett: OOO YESSS!!! We just did a Winter Retreat in West Virginia. It was awesome! We had Judith McAllister and Byron Cage come and teach workshops, we had open mic session like you mentioned, skiing, basketball tournaments, it was awesome! We do it every March, so be sure to register for the 2nd Annual event, coming in March 2008 - it's going to great and you'll leave even more equipped to STAND OUT!

GOSPELflava.com: It's been great talking to you Tye. Any last words?

Tye Tribbett: It's been a fun interview man! Thanks so much for the opportunity!! Umm, last words - I'll say this: People of God, I just want to encourage you to remember God in these last and evil days. It's our job as His children to represent Him to the fullest but we can't do so doing what the world is doing. The Bible says that we're to come out from among them. Paul poses the question, what fellowship does light have with darkness? And I ask you the same thing. It's our reasonable service to Christ to STAND OUT and STAND AGAINST the things of the world. Remember STAND OUT isn't just a recording or a weekend, but a movement and a way of life. Make your commitment today to be apart of this move of God and we'll see you in Virginia Beach!!!

Afternote: Link here to read the recap of the live recording.

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