RECAP: Live Recording
Tye Tribbett & Greater Anointing, Virginia Beach (2007)

Arguably, the fastest rising aggregation in Gospel this decade is Tye Tribbett and G.A. (Greater Anointing).

With two recordings already under their belts, this incredibly gifted group has traveled the world over sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ with innovation, sincerity, and unrivaled passion. Their most recent effort, Victory Live, spent 64 weeks on the Billboard charts and was one of the most successful albums of 2006, resulting in two Stellar awards, their first Grammy nominations, and a memorable dedication from Donald Lawrence at the 2007 Stellar awards.

In addition, Tribbett has seemingly been everywhere from international tours to guest spots on albums from Kirk Franklin, Men of Standard, and Da' T.R.U.T.H.

TyeNo wonder August 17-18, 2007 became the most anticipated weekend of the summer, as Tribbett and GA invaded Virginia Beach for their second live CD/DVD recording titled StandOUT (read our interview with Tye just prior to the recording).

The two-day recording began at The Rock Church International, filled to its 5,500 person capacity, housed a crowd of attendees who were anticipating an incredible move of God.

After introductions from sponsors such as the Gospel Music Channel, Cox Communications, ABC Family, and MCG Incorporated, the recording was set to begin. An animated video presentation aired chronicling the fall of man, the decline of society, and the need for a new generation to take a stand. This sent the crowd into frenzy as they anticipated the arrival of the charismatic group.

With that, a pulsating house beat dropped with the ladies of G.A. taking the stage to launch the StandOut movement. Dressed in white tops and black skirts, they began a dance routine fused with the bold message of the album's title cut "StandOUT". G.A.'s men crawled in carefully, joining the fray. Donned in retro black suits with thin black neckties, G.A. formed an army ready for war, encouraging everyone to "StandOUT". Suddenly, G.A. dropped to the floor with Tribbett standing in the middle and the praise party was off and running!!

Tribbett and G.A. continued with "StandOUT", igniting a fire that would burn throughout the weekend.

From the night's inception, it became apparent that the evening would not only be filled with heartfelt worship but musical diversity and Tribbett didn't disappoint.

The next offering, "Hold On", deftly fused strong hip-hop rhythms with that smooth 60's sound, filled with tight yet calming harmonies. SoundCheck musical director Thaddaeus Tribbett joined his older brother on lead vocals with this feel-good track. As a treat, Tye provided a keyboard solo, showcasing his musical skills.

Tribbett had a number of guest vocalists join the party. One of the evening's special cuts featured Jon Owens joining G.A. for another rendition of "Bless the Lord". A departure from the version found on the "Victory Live" album, Owens penned this rendition, a soft rock worship track that is sure to be a hit for the ages.

This set the stage for a strong worship set, where Tribbett introduced another CCM worship tune titled "I Need You".

Renowned worship leader Judith Christie McAllister joined the fray, providing lead vocals for gospel tinged "Jesus, I Love Your Name". The set ushered in a move of God that made it difficult to transition to another song.

Kierra "Kiki" Sheard was prepared to join Tribbett and G.A. for the next cut. However, the place went forth in a high praise that saw Tribbett and Sheard dance together. Following that, Sheard joined Tribbett for the extended version of "Look Up", the popular interlude first found on the "Victory Live" album. Sheard teamed with Tribbett and G.A. vocalist Angie White, making an impressive vocal tandem, dropping mind-boggling three-part harmonies that will quickly make it another disc favorite.

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As we've come to realize, no Tye Tribbett album would be complete without the vocals of Kim Burrell, and she didn't disappoint. Burrell provided lead vocals for "He Has Made Me Glad" which saw jaw-dropping vocal and choral tricks from Burrell and G.A. that astonished the audience. Music aficionados will fall in love with the complexity of this track.

Speaking of complexity, the game totally changed as Tribbett presented the churchy "I Made It Through", which saw the prodigy deftly fuse the Looney Tunes theme song with a Sunday morning church run. Simply incredible!!

Tribbett took a brief break to acknowledge family and friends in attendance. Among the varied guests were Tribbett's pastor (Pastor Kenneth Robinson), immediate family, and industry notables such as Pastor Hezekiah Walker, Isaac Carree (of Men of Standard), Deon Kipping, Tunesha Crispell, Alvin Williams (Gospel Music Channel), and a host of others. In addition, Tribbett individually introduced each member of his incredible band SoundCheck, which included a special guest for the weekend— none other than the incomparable Melvin Crispell on organ. As Tribbett introduced the former music director for Hezekiah Walker and James Hall & Worship and Praise, SoundCheck immediately began playing "King of Glory", with the audience and G.A. adding the vocals. What an incredible musical moment!

Tribbett then took the time to speak words of encouragement to the crowd and explain the concept of StandOUT. Based on Ephesians 6:11, Tribbett admonished the audience to withstand the trials and darts of the enemy. In addition to withstanding, we are to take a stand against the evils of the world and make a statement that righteous living is not just right, but better too. He shared the importance of making a righteous stand in our lifestyles, relationships, and musical choices. Tribbett's ability to fuse his musical and preaching gifts were comfortably displayed as he sowed these seeds.

Following this scriptural break of sorts, Tribbett and GA hit things hard with "All Hail The King", an intense up-tempo jam, with hints of rock and dance vibes fused with a tinge of crunk. It was a powerful declaration that kept the crowd hype.

This was followed by an presentation called "Got to Get Out of Here". Written from the perspective of the prodigal son, this song speaks to the son's recognition that he's better than his current circumstance and chronicles his struggle to return to the father. Accented by a mime presentation, this rock-tinged mid-tempo track was one of the many favorites of the night.

Tribbett followed this with a three-song rock pop-worship medley that helped the audience dance the night away. The finale of the medley was a 60's-pop/rock song that reminded everyone of the amazing love of Jesus.

Tribbett ended the evening with two worship songs. "Chasing After You" was "Tribbett unplugged", as the pop ballad featured only lead guitar and GA members Aaron TyeCamper, DeMaris Tribbett, and Angie White showcasing the intimacy of a relationship with Christ. The evening ended with the choral gem "Well Done", which ended the night with a spirit of worship.

However, the recording wasn't over, as part two of the StandOut weekend shifted to the Virginia Beach oceanfront. The soundstage at 24th street and Pacific Avenue housed the StandOut Beach Party, which saw thousands crowd the soundstage area with hundreds of others viewing the party from their hotel balconies and even nearby parking garages.

The beach party began with an Open Mic session, giving local talent an opportunity to showcase their gifts and talents. Hosted by Tye and Thaddaeus Tribbett, artists from all across the country took the stage, many of which were backed by SoundCheck. Sprinkled throughout the performances, Tribbett and GA performed several of their hits as part of the Beach Party. Tribbett kicked off the party with "No Way" and followed it with a remix of "Who Else But God", which was killer. They would later return with the ever-popular "No Other Choice" prior to launching the second leg of the recording.

For this next phase, Tribbett and GA donned white polo shirts with camouflage shorts and colorful sneakers. The group revisited "StandOUT" from the previous night with a few added extras. "Hold On" also became a crowd favorite with the über-talented Emory Diggs (featured on Da' T.R.U.T.H's DVD presentation) joining Tribbett on lead vocals. Jon Owens returned with the worship-filled "Bless the Lord", which was followed by a cover of Chris Tomlin's "How Great Is Our God".

That set was followed by "I Need You", which led to a worship vibe accented by the natural outdoor environment provided by the beautiful Virginia Beach oceanfront. Though outside for all to see, Tribbett, GA, and the ensuing crowd were in no way inhibited, as praise rang throughout the air for all to hear.

Tribbett spent additional time encouraging the audience to live pure lives for Christ and reject the temptation to mix worldly influences into the fabric of life. It led to an outstanding call for rededication to Christ. Tribbett revisited the ever-popular "Everything" before launching two new cuts.

"Lord I Want Your Presence" is a high-energy infectious track that kept the party extremely hyped. Likewise, "Get Up" sent the crowd over the top, as the group's high-energy presentation gave the mid-tempo jam extra life. No beach party would be complete without "Victory" and Tribbett didn't let the thousands down, as they brought the beach down with this favorite.

Without question, the StandOUT weekend took Virginia Beach by storm and is set to make an incredible impact on the country. With a tentative release date of spring, 2008, the stage has been set for StandOUT to be the breakout album of the coming year.

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recap by Gerard Bonner

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