Tye Tribbett & G.A.
Victory Live

The fastest rising artist in this industry within the last two years has been Tye Tribbett. The highly energetic child prodigy, along with his equally energetic choir G.A. (Greater Anointing) and mind-blowing band SoundCheck have impacted thousands with amazing performances in countless venues. On the heels of their successful debut project (read review), Tribbett and G.A. are back with their sophomore effort, titled Victory Live.

CDAs anyone who's ever seen the group in person can attest, a live album from Tribbett & GA comes with high expectations, to say the least. Have no fear, as this 16-tracker relives their historic live recording from December 2005 (read recording recap) and in no way disappoints.

With Tribbett penning the lion's share (12 of 16 tracks, for those keeping count), the album showcases his wide-ranging musical diversity. From the rock-infused "I Want It All Back" to the Celtic-flavored "Hallelujah To Your Name", Tribbett's heart for energetic worship is both palpable and infectious.

The Camden, NJ native deftly fuses complex musical arrangements for music purists with simplistic melodies and lyrical content for the casual listener, serving up the perfect equation for musical success. Check out the Andrae Crouch classic "Bless The Lord" which displays Tribbett's ability to flip a timeless treasure into instant 21st century vintage. When you hear it, you'll understand!

On this effort, several G.A. voices are highlighted, bringing yet another exciting element to this effort. Aaron Camper and Angela White team up on the powerful "G.A. Hymn (Who Else But God)". Both vocalists lay down runs that many will look to replicate in quick fashion while conveying a deep dedication to the knowledge of God's omnipotent power.

Victory —Live
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Damaris Tribbett lends her vocals to the powerful "Seated At The Right Hand of God", a guaranteed tear-jerker. The family love fest continues as Tribbett teams with his brother and bass player Thaddaeus Tribbett on the pop-filled favorite "No Other Choice".

Check out "Everything Will Be Alright", which will set your ears on fire. Listen to it and see if you can keep the beat. Add Kim Burrell to the mix of this one and you're guaranteed to go into cardiac arrest!! Tribbett lays down some impressive licks on this one as well. Eat your Wheaties before this track. You've been warned.

No Tribbett album would be complete without a dose of G.A. funk. "1-2 (Victory Check)" comes through with that, and the go-go infused title track is guaranteed to burn any unwanted calories. The radio edition of "Everything Part I, Part II/Bow Before the King" serves as a welcome bonus to one of Gospel's most exciting projects in recent memory.

Tribbett dubs this release as a window into Kingdom University. Well, it looks like its time to enroll in Victory Live 101. Class is definitely in session!! This is a must add to your collection.

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Producer: Tye Tribbett II, Thaddaeus Tribbett, Dana Sorey
album release date: May 23, 2006
Sony Urban Music / Axis Music Group

— reviewed by Gerard Bonner

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