Bridgette Campbell

Bridgette Campbell

As new artists go, this may be her solo debut, but Bridgette Campbell is hardly a rookie.

As a vocalist with Ricky Dillard & New G, HeavenSent, B.Chase Williams & Shabach, Calvin Bernard Rhone and with Fred Hammond's Radical For Christ, the Chicago native has honed her art under the tutelage of the best. But beyond simply her remarkable soprano vocals, Campbell's clarity of intent and pureness of spirit are what make her unforgettable.

CDOn her eponymously titled album, Campbell works with producers that include Erron Williams and Daniel and Michael Weatherspoon, delivering a project that finds a secure pocket between urban and pop.

"Been Good" starts things off with some pared down keyboard and rhythms snap, as producer Weatherspoon allows Campbell to soar into her upper register, without distraction from extraneous track effects. Campbell wrote the song in the midst of relationship trials. "The Lord spoke to me and told me He was with me, and no matter what it looks like, and no matter what it feels like." She sings the song directly to the Lord, telling him straight up that "You've been good".

On the opposite side of the musical spectrum is "Because Of You", a soufully mellow reflection with solo strings moving behind Campbell's quiet but intense praise. She recalls that "Daniel [Weatherspoon] put this song on tape for me, he said, don't listen to my voice, listen to the words. I listened and cried. The lyrics to this song are so powerful for the simple fact, we are strong, we are whole, we are pure as gold because of God. We can go on through or trials and our test because of God. Because in Him we live, move and have our being!"

In the same camp is "In His Presence", another Spoonfed production that with swelling strings and piano, allows Campbell to open her vocals into a broad expanse of musical canvas.
in Case You Missed It
CD Bridgette Campbell sang on Fred Hammond's recent compilation project:

"Yeah, Yeah" from Bridgette Campbell is the only non-Fred composition on the album. The cut gets the full treatment from Fred's live bass, with Daniel Weatherspoon exhorting in the background. The song says, "If you believe, if you got the victory, let me hear you say 'yeah'."

See full album review.
While the song was written by Campbell during a visit to The Holy Land, it reflects more than the geographical experience, but her awe at simply being near to God.

All out jams are peppered throughout the album. "All Of Me" rides a delicious groove (with production from Ernest Allen Jr.), while "Happy" is a joyous and sunny ride that delights in God's deliverance.

On "I Won't Look Back", Campbell's brother and renowned solo artist Jesse Campbell joins in duet over a head-bob track from Erron Williams, complete with an innovative piano rhythm that bangs its way throughout. Brother and sister combine in back and forth vocal leads to make it a highlight.

Rounding out the project are several other worthy selections, including the traditional flava'd "Lord Keep Me" featuring the artist's mother, Anne Campbell.

Let there be no doubt, Bridgette Campbell shows herself as a vocal talent to be reckoned with. Don't be caught sleeping on this one!

Producers: Daniel, Michael Weatherspoon, Erron Williams, Ernest Allen Jr.
album release date: October, 2003
From The Heart Records

— review by Stan North

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