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In Case You Missed It And Then Some

A Fred Hammond project is always special. But this one, well, it’s beyond even the usual level of excellence that we’re used to from Gospel’s renaissance man.

For the debut of his own FHammond Music label, Hammond takes a definite back seat on this one with regards to vocals. Not so with production and songwriter however! And RFC and that renowned RFC band make themselves known throughout.

In Case You Missed It And Then Some CDIn Case You Missed It And Then Some manages to reminisce and look to the future at the same time, by deftly combining remakes of classic hits from Fred's pen over the years, interpreted by some reassuringly familiar voices and plenty fresh ones too. Throw some brand new material into the mix, include some intriguing song history and you’ve got yourself a stunner of a project.

Remakes of longtime Commissioned favorites are prominent, beginning with "Love U With The Rest of My Life" from the pipes of Charles Laster Jr. and Candace Laster-Jones. Spiced to smoke the project from the get go, the Lasters know how to ride the dedicated groove that the tune commands, delivering soul in the process.

Equally groovy is the new song “Yeah, Yeah” from Bridgette Campbell. The only non-Fred composition on the album, Daniel Weatherspoon pens this one, and also joins his Spoonfed Productions expertise to Hammond’s Face to Face to make this one percolate with expresso power. The cut gets the full treatment from Fred’s live bass, with Weatherspoon exhorting in the background. The song says, "If you believe, if you got the victory, let me hear you say ‘yeah’."


Other newcomers include The Singletons, a family ensemble from the Detroit area that Hammond introduces with the song, “Pour Out Your Holy Spirit”. Well crafted hooks make this one a keeper, and the Singletons sure know how to sing, as indicated by the myriads of lead vocals on the number.

Ordinary Just Won’t Do resurfaces as Darrin Patterson does justice to the original by singing a buttery “Heart of Mine”, and new trio Resurrection get into smooth old school with “A Life That Shows”, supplemented by Tommy Walker’s funky synths and Mo Horns brass, plus vocals from both RFC and Motor City Mass Choir.

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For that back-in-the-day vibe, Hammond recruits veteran crooner Howard Smith to unite with Lisa Scott Bailey on “Save Me Now”. Then Kayla Parker joins Hammond on backing vocals as newcomer Shea Norman gently interprets “My Heart Depends On You” —the only remake Hammond chose to take from either of his previous two solo projects (Deliverance from 1993).

The closest thing you’ll find to an original Commissioned reunion these days comes on “Let Me Tell It”, as Keith Staten easily slips right back into the groove (like he never left) as he duets with Fred on a gem of cut. Staten also joins up with current Commissioned member Marcus Cole and RFC tenor Frederick J. Purifoy II and Brian J. Pratt, plus Fred too on “Who Do Men Say That I Am?”.

Just in case you thought the project wasn't already locked down, there's the two new infectious songs from two current RFC singers, PamKenyon M. Donald and Joann Rosario. Donald steps up with some wonderful vocals on “I Anoint Myself”, as Hammond switches it up and comes on with some wired background vocals. The message here is immensely encouraging, especially for those in ministry: “Sometimes, Gotta remind myself, What I’ve been called to do, Is first to be with You”.

Rosario sings a mellow and tender “More, More, More” in mix of English and Spanish, prayerfully crying out for more of Jesus. It’s a beautiful ballad that brings appeal across multiple boundaries.

Fred Hammond steps out with quality on his new FHammond Music venture, cementing his role in the industry as an A1 artist, producer and songwriter.

Perhaps most crucially, we get to know him as someone who realizes that working for the Kingdom also means recognizing and lifting up the talents and the gifts that others in the body have to offer.

Producers: Fred Hammond, Daniel Weatherspoon
album release date: March 6, 2001
FHammond Music / Verity Records

— reviewed by Stan North

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