The Original

CD Just in time for the Commissioned Reunion, hereís a double-CD collection of all the Commissioned hits from their early years on Light Records to connect you once again with the power of the groupís early work.

Featuring an original art print of the group from Corey Barksdale and titled The Original, the project pulls 20 songs together from the Commissionedís first five albums from the mid to late 80ís. Digitally re-mastered, the beauty of these contemporary classics comes alive.

Aside from the sheer convenience of having all of this material in one single package, itís also a great resource to use to compare with the Commissioned Reunion live concert recording.

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CD Commissioned Discography (with Audio Snippets).

Commissioned Reunion Album Review.
Fourteen of the twenty cuts on The Original were re-done for the live recording held in 2001 in Detroit. The six exceptions ("Unworthy", "A Life That Shows", "More Than Youíll Ever Know", "If My People", "Save Me Now" and "A Praise For You") serve to punctuate the depth of material.

Listening to all of these original gems in one sitting is incredible, indicating that the clarity and the power of songwriting from the pens of Michael Brooks, Fred Hammond, Mitchell Jones and Parkes Stewart is possibly unrivalled.

The track listing for The Original is provided below:

1. I'm Going On
2. Unworthy
3. Love Isn't Love
4. Victory
5. Running Back to You
6. How Can We Sing (In a Strange Land)
7. Go Tell Somebody
8. A Life That Shows
9. 'Tis So Sweet
10. More Than You'll Ever Know
11. So Good to Know
12. Ordinary Just Won't Do
13. Cry On
14. Lord Jesus Help Me (Help Somebody Else)
15. If My People
16. The City
17. Will You Be Ready
18. Save Me Now
19. Back in the Saddle
20. A Praise for You

Producers: Michael Brooks, Fred Hammond
album release date: April 9, 2002
Light Records

ó reviewed by Stan North ó

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