Deitrick Haddon, Lost and Found

Deitrick Haddon
Lost and Found

Deitrick Haddon kicks things off strongly with his debut release on Verity Records.

Having paved his own way to greatness with previous projects such as Chainbreaker (see album review) and Live the Life, Haddon comes correct as he matures in the Gospel music industry.

In this, his sixth major release, he rifles around a bit in the Lost and Found and picks up a mélange of styles that are his CDmusical make up. Relying heavily on rock guitar, as well as on R&P-focused grooves, Haddon works a ballad as successfully as he delivers a beat —all the while conveying a clearly Christian message.

Titler “Lost and Found” is very “Smooth Criminal” in nature. Wrapped in electric guitar fusion courtesy of Dsbata Robinson, Haddon offers a message of deliverance that assures that Annie will be okay. The whole Michael Jackson thing is something that works for Haddon. Without actually wearing “the glove” he is clearly impacted by the King of Pop’s sound and musical flavorings.

While these and other influences are transparent, make no mistake, Haddon is his own man. A conformist he is not and innovation belongs to him. “Lost and Found” is a great example of how Haddon masterfully reigns in a bunch of good stuff and spins it his own way —and God’s Way.

Lost and Found
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Wife Damita pens “This Happiness” and joins in on lead vocals with her husband. A dual-purpose ballad to the Lord as well as to the love of one’s life, the mid-tempo jam flows. Haddon takes a little ballad break on “Lost and Found (Take II)” an interlude that is much too short in its display of his absolutely beautiful vocal.

“Anyhow” is a purely happy tune, and the praise-party-focused track “Wanna Dance” brings a little Godly groove into the mix.

The Latin poured into “The Praises Go (Up, up, up)” sets the stage for youth everywhere to be chanting its chorus as “D.D.” playfully but clearly lets you know exactly who he, Deitrick Haddon, is.

Deitrick Haddon“Oh Yeah” featuring label mate Fred Hammond with the Pentecostal Poppa (B.B. Jay) bringing the noise on the rhymes, is an apt illustration of the synthesis of rock and hip-hop that Haddon leans so heavily on.

Grandma Laster speaks up on her self-titled interlude to offer Haddon, and anyone else who will listen, some encouragement. The brief cut is also a good lead-in to “After While”, a reflective sobering ballad about moving on after loved ones have gone to Glory. Haddon masterfully weaves his vocals in the musical tapestry.

Pastor Donnie McClurkin joins in on the very Chicagoesque (as in the band not the city) “Stand Still”. The pop-worship anthem that thanks to its instantly familiar chorus is a sure radio-ready smash. “Worship Medley” follows suit musically with more full lead guitar by Robinson.

As Haddon breaks ground with his new association with a powerhouse label, he is clearly perched on the edge of spectacular. With an array of musical influences coupled with his strong Gospel heritage, he is already making waves, perhaps on both sides of the proverbial fence.

Regardless of the musical definitions, Haddon has his focus in one place, and that’s anywhere people will hear message of the Lord. Lost or Found — he who has an ear, let him hear.

See the audio page for this project.

Producers: D. Haddon, G. Haddon, T. Herd, S. Carrington, C. Walton
album release date: August 6, 2002
Verity Records / Tyscot Records

— reviewed by Melanie Clark

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