In what can only be described as an absolutely stunning debut, 14-year-old Dijon makes his emphatic mark on the Gospel scene with a no-holds-barred 11-track album that showcases his vocal dexterity and versatility.

CDThis Kid's Point of View is a mature one, with the South Carolina church-raised native joining forces with producer Todd (Boogie) Muhammad and Alex Asaph Ward to deliver, in Muhammad's words, "a balance of strong, Christian-founded lyrics over hard-edged R&B grooves". Refreshingly, the producers tap into Dijon's life experiences — and don't think that a young teen doesn't have any that folks —both young and old— need to hear.

On the ballad tip, "Worthy Lamb" makes an impression, with its swelling vocal backdrop and soothing strings providing the musical bed for Dijon's smoothly rendered praise over top. Written and produced by Ward, the song is one of many project high points.

Chris Tomlin's "How Great Is Our God" is covered (also produced by Ward), and with fresh harmonies complementing Dijon's honeyed tones. "Real Love", with its arrangement of multiple vocal lines woven into a carpet of praise combined with Dijon's soulful renderings, also catches the ear.

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Dijon's pipes also find a home in head noddin' jams such as "Jesus Will Know", a low-key testimonial that wonderfully draws a picture of life in Christ. On "He Is Lord", a bumping track complete with sirens, propels the melody and intensifies the groove. Both cuts, produced by Muhammad, contain the subtly spoken phrase "true soldier for God" embedded into the track.

No warmed over groovy covers of age-old children's choruses here. A Kid's Point of View is real, genuine, a great listen, and is as much a candidate for Album of the Year as any pick of this years' crop of albums from seasoned A-list Gospel stars. Welcome to the club, kid!

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Producers: Todd Muhammad, Alex Asaph Ward
album release date: August 7, 2007
Verity Records

— reviewed by Stan North

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