DJ Maj
Full Plates — Mixtape 002

Hailing from Lafayette, Louisiana, DJ Maj (aka Mike Allen) has acquired a knack for "spicing" things up.

Thatís quite evident on his second helping of head bangin' versatility for the hip hop community, a project titled Full Plates — Mixtape 002. He introduces his latest audio culinary experience as "...a full course meal of God the Creator put on vinyl, served to the culture in an attempt to transform the culture into His image."

Full Plates - Mix Tape 002 CDIn 1992, Majís love for music lead him to relocate to Nashville, Tennesse where he composed his self-released mix tape, Sabbatical Transit. As with DJ Maj's first national release on Gotee Records (Wax Museum, see review), his bistro artistically describes the skill of blending a recipe of individual tracks together by ad libbing cuts, other sound effects and beats to formulate a seamless, perpetual flow of music. His impeccable ability to arrange tracks to literally become a smorgasbord for the ears will amaze any music lover. A variety of sound paired by some of the greatest names in the hip hop world combine to deliver a five star, unmatched performance.

DJ Maj asserts that "...Full Plates aims for a more authentic music vibe" as witnessed in the 19-course meal, each track providing its own taste, style, and innovation. DJ Maj trades in his scully for a chef's hat to culminate some scrumptious delights for famished hip hop fanatics. Maj prepares audible hors d'ouevres flavored by Pigeon John, LA Symphony, Joey the Jerk, Flynn, Mars ILL, John Reuben, Mat Kearney, KJ 52, ILL Harmonics, Corey Red, LPG, and Knowdaverbs. Itís an all-star line up already receiving rave reviews from rap connoisseurs.

Next on the menu is "Sup" of the day....as in Sup the Chemist. The industry veteran is featured on the cut, "Champion Sound" which listeners are advised to take in small sips, as this hot track features DJ Maj steaming it up with his "cuttin' and scratchin' " capabilities.

Adding a little dinner entertainment and jazzing things up a bit, is the zesty "All That It Takes," featuring The Procussions. Maj then deviates from the traditional meal and serves up a mega bowl of G.R.I.T.S. on the track "Shouldna' Done It."

DJ MajMain courses filled with delectable rhythm and tangy beats meld uniquely throughout the album to crystallize into certified hits. "Spirit Moves (Rock Soul Remix)" may be the signature piece that defines the album with incredible bounce, incomparable lyrics sparked by none other than Out of Eden, and rap verse supplied by Truth (known also for his work on "The Light" with The Ambassador of Cross Movement from the Human Emergency album, see review and interview).

Other hearty dishes include some nice acappella melodics on "See The Light" featuring Cross Cypha', "What's My Name" showcasing the brother and sister duo New Breed, and the Cajun spiced, Dirty South cut, "They Don't Know" with The Fugitives coming out blazing.

DJ Maj pulls out his turntables and summons his fellow "chefs", DJ Dust, DJ Form, and DJ Skillspinz to perform habachi style, as each exhibits his skill before an awe-struck audience on the show stopper "4 Way Stop". DJ Form then epitomizes the essence of true hip hop with the single, "7 Factors".

Letís sum it up by giving you the words of DJ Maj: "...Full Plates is the righteous, nourishing buffet for a world starved of its sense of purpose. More than anything, my hope is that this project will satisfy the hunger for righteousness present in the hearts of all of us as human beings."

Producers: Various
album release date: May, 2001
Gotee Records

ó Review special to GospelFlava.com by Brenda M. Ingram II ó

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