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Donnie McClurkin
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Donnie McClurkin shares his triumphant journey in his first literary effort, Eternal Victim, Eternal Victor.

Published by Pneuma Life, McClurkin details how to begin the trip back from the valley, and how to, with God's help, be healed. This is an expose of his oft-told testimony; an expose of the heart and character of a man who has endured what many will never have to, but sadly far too many others will. (You can read an excerpt from the book by clicking here.)

Eternal Victim, Eternal VictorDealing with matters that are difficult and often taboo subject matters for Christians —such as homosexuality and depression — McClurkin tackles things head on and with honesty. Unlike many self-help books, this story is introspective rather than told with an accusatory pointed finger —it is McClurkin's own life story.

Daring to delve deep into his past and tell the story of who he was as a child marred by sexual abuse, he forges forward to tell the greater tale of who he is today in Christ Jesus.

From this experience he has built a personal ministry that espouses the unfailing love of our God and demands the revitalization of sanctity in the Church, that countless people might be healed.

Donnie McClurkin Speaks
Click for Donnie McClurkin speaking about his new book Hear and see Donnie McClurkin talk about his new book, Eternal Victim, Eternal Victor, by clicking on the image above.

Read an excerpt from the book by clicking here. The book can be ORDERED online via our secure page by clicking here.

You can read an excerpt from the book by clicking here.
What sets Eternal Victim, Eternal Victor apart is the consistency of voice with which McClurkin testifies. For those thousands who have heard him sing in concert, or for the numerous others who play his albums over and over, it's a joy to discover that the Donnie who is the vehicle for so much of God's blessing through music, is the same Donnie whose words come alive on the printed page.

Bravely and unselfishly, he sacrifices his privacy by sharing his testimony that others may overcome. Whether your battle be the same, similar or different, McClurkin teaches life lessons, and in Eternal Victim, Eternal Victor, he offers a hope that comes not in the name of perfection, but in the name of Truth.

Eternal Victim, Eternal Victor can be ORDERED now, via our secure page in conjunction with Pneuma Life Publishing.

book release date: June, 2001
Pneuma Life Publishing

reviewed by Melanie Clark and Stan North

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