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Word of Life Hawaii
Live From Hawaii

For many, thoughts of the islands of Hawaii generate images of sandy beaches, clear water, and endless sun. Yet, within the islands, the sound of the Gospel is alive and well, as proven by Word of Life Hawaii, with their stellar release, Live From Hawaii.

CD Centered in Honolulu, Hawaii, this praise and worship team from the Word of Life Christian Center renders a 13-track project with cultural authenticity, showcasing the universal nature of heartfelt praise.

Produced by Dr. Henry Panion III (Stevie Wonder, Ruben Studdard, UAB Gospel Choir, The Winans, Gospel Goes Classical), the project features a musical cornucopia that will attract both music and worship lovers alike (read interview with Dr. Panion).

With a musical praise that rivals its geographical beauty, Hawaiian praise is well represented with tracks such as "Oli / E Hawai'i E" and the irresistible "Bless You Lord (Hawaiian Praise)", with the former sung in the native Austronesian language, and featuring some unexpected reggae influences.

Live From Hawaii
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Equally compelling is the gorgeous ballad "Palm of My Hand", which is sung in both Austronesian and in English, and features well-known Hawaiin artist Fiji. Praise and worship leader Kuna Sepulveda, together with her daughter Ashley Sepulveda, are featured frequently throughout the recording.

The Word of Life team presents praise with an enthusiasm that reflects a genuine love for Christ. From the rock infused "Great Day to Be Alive" to the pop-filled "Oh Glory", the uplifting nature of this effort spreads the joy of life to all who listen.

Not limited by mainland worship musical standards, Word of Life comfortably and confidently infuses Hawaiian flavor into their worship presentations. "Hawaiian Praise Drums (Seize Life Intro)" showcases the power of their drum presentations and could stand as its own piece, rather than an intro. However, it serves as an apposite lead in to the energetic "Seize Life".

Guest artist Tim Miner makes his return to the recording scene on the album, with his soulfully rendered "I Believe" being the standout cut.

Word of Life Hawaii successfully presents Hawaiian worship to mainstream America and the world with grace, authenticity, and high quality. Live From Hawaii serves as a reminder that God's love is global and its musical presentation remains relevant among all cultures.

Be sure to add this gem to your collection.

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Producer: Dr. Henry Panion, III
album release date: September, 2007
Word of Life Christian Center / Audiostate 55 Entertainment

— reviewed by Gerard Bonner

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