Helen Baylor
My Everything

Helen Baylor triumphantly returns with My Everything, her first studio recording in five years.

But Baylor's music isn't the only thing that gets rearranged this go round. In a new set up, this project releases on Diadem Music in partnership with big sister Verity Records. Through this agreement, Baylor, who easily appeals across the My Everything CDChristian music lines, will get her CCM push through Provident and to the mainstream Gospel market through Verity.

This intra-genre feel is evident throughout the project —an eclectic but cohesive mix of praise tunes and R&P-driven Gospel medleys.

From the inspirational to the traditional, Baylor illustrates her musical breadth beautifully and has never sounded more at home. Her warm vocals combined with an interesting mix of writers, producers and singing partners allows My Everything to reach far and wide.

Bob Carlisle (of "Butterfly Kisses" fame) arrives for first of the duets with Baylor on "Harambee". The tune, scripted by David Mullen and Tommy Sims, shares the timely message of "push together".

Call me Jericho, I’ve been building up my walls
Call me lonely ‘cause I, I don’t let no one in at all
Call you Joshua, your love has torn down my walls
Call me free because I, I have finally found (yes I have)...
Harambee (push together)

—from "Harambee"

Eddie James contributes with the contemporary praise anthem "Lord, You're Holy". The electric-guitar driven chorus unforgettably pushes the simple but powerful song on to its gloriously rising end.

Baylor covers the Motown production team of Holland/Dozier/Holland's pop and R&B classic "How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved By You)" and then goes to the other end of the spectrum for the star cut of the project —"My Everything".

Helen BaylorMarvin Winans takes the duet seat here and as usual, lights up whatever is in the way. Vocally strong and delicate at the same time, Winans is the punctuation to Baylor's smooth consistency.

That fluidity is best showcased on inspirational sparkler "Move Another Mountain". Baylor's deliberate delivery is the cornerstone of strength for the light, melodic structure of the song. Together the combination is a complete package.

Throughout the project, her background vocalist list like a Singer's Who's Who, and includes Kelli Williams, Chris Willis, Nee-C Walls and Jerard and Jovaun Woods, just to name a few.

The problem with some broad spectrum projects is that they try to unnaturally cover too much ground. That's certainly not the case here. On My Everything, Baylor manages to blend a variety of sounds, styles and voices that will easily appeal to many.

Baylor finds her magic by embracing all that she is, and somehow I'm sure there's much more that remains to be seen.

Producers: Bill Maxwell, Chris Harris, Mark Baldwin
album release date: January 22, 2002
Diadem Records / Verity Records

— reviewed by Stan North

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