Kim Burrell
Live In Concert!

One thing about Kim Burrell, she never seems to do anything the same way twice.

To prove it, on sophomore release Live In Concert for Tommy Boy Gospel, she redoes much of the material from her previous two projects. And when Miss Burrell redoes, baby she REALLY do re-do!

Live in Concert CDJoined by Jimane Nelson and the fabulous Percy Bady, Burrell co-produces this industry stopper (see interview).

Recorded live in Memphis at Bishop G.E. Patterson’s Bountiful Blessing COGIC church in November 2000 (see live recording photo shoot), this much anticipated release will not disappoint. As if the songstress alone isn’t enough, her supporting cast is a virtual iron foundation to the vocal tower that is Kim Burrell.

Musicians Jimane Nelson and Shawn Martin on keys, Maurice Fitzgerald and Vollie on bass, and Robert 'Sput' Searight and Calvin Rodgers on drums deliver with their billing as the new "Band of Life".

And the background singers Jerrard Woods, Jovaun Woods, Kathryn Burrell Young plus ChurchHowse recording artists, Melonie Daniels and Sheri Jones are the vocal equivalent perfect set-up pass to Burrell’s slam-dunk.

Those things in place, the Lady is permitted to what she does best —hold court. She morphs some of your old favorites and stretches them out. “Holy Ghost” goes on for 10 minutes and 30 seconds of pure perfection. The backdrop is drawn by a delicate dance between Fitzgerald on bass and Natural on guitar.

Kim Burrell“Victory” is given a Latin wrapper that features tag team drums by Searight and Rogers pulled together by Fausto Cuevas, III on percussion. Synth horns and background vocals spar on top of that. Other past favorites like “Since Jesus”, “I’ll Keep Holding On”, “Calvary” and “Try Me Again” feel like a breath of air, the same and new all at once.

New cuts include slow grooves “How Will You Know” penned by Nelson, and “Everywhere You Go”, which brings Natural out of the rhythm spot and puts him front and center to the lead guitar role. This original tune by Burrell reminds us that as the called and elect of God, we are not alone.

The electric “Anything”, also by Nelson is a rhythmic jam offering.

Burrell is as vocally enigmatic as she is in your face. Though we spend much time marveling at her phenomenal “skills”, one must at some time step back and recognize that music, without ministry as a motivator, is but superficial.

The inimitable Miss Burrell joins the two and won’t let you separate them. Her energy and purpose are all wrapped up in her vocal chords and smile. Though her vocals are as changing as a chameleon’s colors, it is the common thread of sincerity that ties it all together. You can hear (and see) the truth here (see video review).

You better take a listen to Kim Burrell Live in Concert! because you can count on it, next time it won’t be the same!

Producers: Percy Bady, Jimane Nelson, Kim Burrell
album release date: March 6, 2001
Tommy Boy Gospel

— reviewed by Melanie Clark

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