The Gadfly

Before there was Sup the Chemist of SFC, before there was Peace 586 of Freedom of Soul, before there was Rob and Noel of the Dynamic Twins... There was Dax and Jurny of LPG.

Two decades ago, two teenage cousins known as Dax and Jurny, stepped on the stage as a battle rapper duo by the name of LPG, LPGand the two have remained a controversial entity to this day, while making an impressive mark on hip hop.

The phrase "good things come to those that wait" rings true with their second release, The Gadfly. With an eight year hiatus between the vintage classic, Earthworm and their current release The Gadfly, LPG's goes to great lengths to ensure pure satisfaction for both hip hop lovers and LPG fans.

Dax and Jurny present themselves as the gadfly, an insect that flies round cattle and that seems to exist for one purpose only —to prod the animal into movement, thereby avoiding the ills and woes of stagnation.

To the livestock, the gadfly is a nuisance, something to swat at, perhaps.

Likewise, LPG serve as agitators to those in hip hop who are content with mundane pop culture nonsense or mediocre faith, and by their very choice of album title, they clearly recognize that. CD The gadfly by definition is an instigator or a tormentor and LPG certainly "brings the pain" on 23 solid tracks, while throwing down the gauntlet once again, not only beckoning challengers, but challenging those whose hiphop art they consider suspect.

"It's intentional; we did this junk on purpose, hopefully to inspire someone to outwork us", state LPG. So while some are uncomfortable with the essence of the duo's purpose, and squirm at their frequent finger-pointing at the so-called 'wack' emcees that can congregate in holy hip hop circles (and elsewhere, for that matter!), LPG doesn't shy from their stated purpose.

And so the debate continues.

Originally tagged as Lord's Personal Gangsters, LPG redefined themselves as Living Proof of Grace, possessing all elements of the hip hop culture. The sound, rhythm, battling techniques, skills, and the jaw-dropping cleverly-executed lyrics may baffle some, but their fruit is undeniable and their talent has never been in doubt.

This complexity is at the heart of their latest project, which explodes with incredible beats, potent verses, and abstract flare.

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"Imitated but never duplicated" is a timeless hip hop saying that comes to mind as one samples the verbal genius of this 'gruesome twosome'. Tracks like "Me and My Cousin", "Old Emcees", and "Liquid" each set the atmosphere for an unforgettable journey to a "Place Called Hip Hop".

With production by Tunnel Rat mainstays Dert, Jerms and the legendary Peace 586, The Gadfly sonically flourishes with rock-hard beats and melodic nuances that make it the instant classic fans have been expecting. Throughout the project, orchestrated sound energetically flows with elements of flute, drum kicks, hi hats, bass, guitar, mandolin, harp and unbelievable chord changes, culminating in simply phenomenal tracks.

The Batman and Robin of holy hip emerge from the studio, jump into the Rap Mobile and ride in "Squad Car", —a joint which protests police brutality. On "Never Did I", the caped crusaders are on a mission to "...rid the world of wackness."

Other noted tracks are "First to Fight" which features fellow Tunnel Rat Sev Statik as well as "Wackness"m which is a collaboration with another TR'z member, Raphi.

The Gadfly stands as evidence that LPG remains musically and lyrically vital to the streets and the hip hop culture as a whole.

Although this has been slated as their final bow out of the music industry as a recording twosome, Dax and Jurny's legacy will remain as heads flip through the pages of holy hip hop history to find two battle rappers that always kept the crowd moving.

Producers: Dert, Jerms, Peace 586
album release date: June, 2003
Uprok Records

— review by Brenda Ingram II and Stan North

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