Martha Munizzi

Martha Munizzi
No Limit — Live

With the great success that Martha Munizzi had with her critically acclaimed The Best Is Yet to Come project, including world travel and Stellar awards, it would seem a difficult task to follow it up.

CDNo fear, for her Integrity Gospel debut, No Limits Live, is an appropriately titled 2-CD set that seems bound to satisfy her growing audience. Munizzi enlists the help of Noel Hall, former music director for Fred Hammond, to produce the record.

The title track is a funky number that is tearing up the charts already, featuring Tommy Walker’s signature sound on keyboards. Munizzi speaks of breakthrough and of stepping into one’s season. The companion piece, “Till the Walls Fall Down”, is a song for those who are militant in Christ, with a driving mid tempo groove highlighted by Calvin Rogers’ killer drums and Darryl Dixon’s electric guitar.

Munizzi is a phenomenal writer with a knack of writing simple and beautiful lyrics. “Name Above Names” is an ode to the name of Jesus, and a definite highlight on the album. Hall’s musical arrangement is a great compliment to the lyrics and vocal arrangement.

“Great Exchange” is nice uptempo number, and it would be no surprise if it soon became a staple in churches across the land. The backing vocalists deliver wonderfully, as Munizzi uses clever composition to sing how our doubts, burdens and sorrow are traded for God’s peace and stillness.

No Limits —Live
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“Renew Me” is a wonderful worship psalm, something easily amenable for devotion time. Hall’s piano weaves throughout this one as Munizzi flows into ad lib adoration.

The vertical intimacy continues with “What He’s Done for Me” and then a sweetly rendered “Amazing Love” closes out the first disc.

On the second platter, Munizzi’s twin sister, Mary Alessi, joins her on “Always Welcome”. Written jointly by Alessi and Lakewood Church’s Cyndi Cruse Ratcliff, the song has the vibe of a pop ballad. With the powerful words and Joey Woolfalk’s always on-point acoustic guitar, this should make waves across genres. Theses sisters sound wonderful together. Can we get an album from the two?

Things then get intense on “He’s Already Provided”, with Munizzi singing of the things that people need from God. Starting as calm solo, the cut builds into a quick praise break. Eric Reed delivers that Hammond B-3 organ groove that is a staple in so many churches. The only thing that was missing was a quick “bump”.

Get ready to dance on urban tinged “He’s Been Good” —with the dancing continuing on the reprise. Talk box master Byron Chambers lends his expertise and a little rap on “Jesus Is the Best Thing”. This is the jam of the project, a pure, get-up-and-move deal with a nice latin vibe. Even Munizzi yells out an uncharacteristic “Holla” after Chambers’ rap. Things close out with the jumping praise song, “Chosen Generation”.

No Limits Live is a worthy follow-up project for Martha Munizzi, and no doubt, will go down as a keeper in 2006 for many.

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Producer: Noel Hall
album release date: April 14, 2006
Integrity Gospel / Martha Munizzi Music

— reviewed by Dwayne Lacy

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