Pastor Michael F. Mack and Friends
He Keeps On Blessing Me

Pastor Michael F. Mack puts it down in classic style on this live project that slips into the Gospel stream from BOG Records.

Combination traditional church and old school contemporary, He Keeps Blessing Me has Mack in lead vocals on all nine songs, with the award-winning Michael Mack CDand long-time favorites B/J Mass Choir joining him, providing that never-die church feel throughout.

Mack packs a vocal whollop with that is synonymous with Sunday morning. Equal parts grit and smooth, he brings out textures and colors that at times show similarity to the sound of the late Rev. James Moore. The live production captures the entire vibe of the Cincinnati location (Jerriel Baptist Church).

“Highest Praise” kickstarts the project as the opening cut, as Mack powers down into a solid vocal groove with swirls of organ, drums and bass mixing with the mass vocals. William A. Phillips writes this infectious number, as well as all the other originals on the project.

The high intensity and fast-paced “Are You Ready” is a winner with its reliance on tongue-tripping choir lines that warn of the imminence of the Christ’s return. “Personal Praise” is a slower-paced song with nicely-phrased choir pushes on the chorus to support Mack’s vocal delivery, expressing the attributes of Jesus.

Michael Gaston’s finesse on the Hammond B3 is finest when paired in duet with Mack’s resonant vocals. The familiar arrangement of “I Won’t Complain” (made famous by the late Rev. Paul Jones) and “Great Is Thy Faithfulness / The Hymns of the Church” are superb examples of what organ and voice together can accomplish.

For that classic Gospel that never goes out of style, He Keeps Blessing Me is a fine pick.

Producers: William A. Philips, Michael F. Mack.
album release date: November, 2001
BOG Records

— reviewed by Stan North

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