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One Nation Under God

Deitrick Haddon called and said, "Hey Bryant, we have to do something".

This was the seed of the One Nation Under God project. Put together by Tyscot Records in response to the September 11 2001 tragedy and prompted by a phone calls from artists such as Haddon to Tyscot exec. Bryant Scott, the album is a call for the country and the world to trust God under all circumstances.

One Nation Under God CDSetting the tone off the top is Dr. Leonard Scott's "No Jesus, No Peace". Simple piano accompaniment and clean harmony lines from backing chorus mark the song, as Tyscot founder Dr. Scott (see interview) brings out a reverent lead vocal. The words move from "no Jesus, no peace" to "know Jesus, know peace".

Joshua's Troop jumps the line a little on their debut release by delivering an advance single, "Hold On My Brother". The youth choir out of Chicago's renowned AARC umbrella offers encouragement amidst a modulating ballad and director-driven exhortation.

Two relevant songs from Haddon are included: the funky and prophetic title cut pulled from the Chainbreaker project, and "When We All Get Together" from Supernatural (see album review).

Other artists contributing are Randall "Fats" Blakely, Bubby Fann Jr., Rev. Dan Willis and Bishop Larry Trotter and the Sweet Holy Spirit Combined Choirs with "Don't Last" (see album review).

Trotter then takes the reigns on the lion's share of the project, delivering over 30 minutes of preaching entitled "Where Is God In All Of This?". Divided into several tracks, the continuous live-recorded sermon is a powerful recollect of scriptural perspective —the only true perspective —of today's headline events.

With a percentage of proceeds going to the Salvation Army, One Nation Under God is a timely album with a timeless message.

Producers: Various
album release date: January 8, 2001
Tyscot Records

reviewed by Stan North

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