Pam and Dodi

Pam and Dodi

The strong trend for urban duos rolls over into 2002 as Detroit pair Pam and Dodi bring their long-awaited debut project to the nation.

Wipe any 'rookie' thoughts from your mind slate, for Pam (Pamela Taylor) and Dodi (Audra Alexander) are certainly not that. With roots stretching back to Adoration-N-Prazye for Pam and Michael Mindengall & Communion for Dodi, the duo have sung together for a while now, including recent stints as background vocalists on tour dates with Karen Clark-Sheard as well as The Clark Sisters. The chemistry shows on their MCA Records debut.

Pam and Dodi CDBeginning with the catchy "Don't Have To" —one of the radio singles from the project, the jam and bump factor is sky high. From start to finish there's plenty hookups from well-known sources to ensure that.

Both singers blend their voices superbly, with both frequently moving into spontaneous-sounding solo lines that reflect their energetic live performances.

Steve Huff (Yolanda Adams, Dave Hollister, The Isley Brothers, The Tommies) lends his hand to the midtempo "For Me, For You". A reserved bass line punches the melody line which speaks of God's blessings to us.

K-Ci and JoJo join in as guests on "Nobody" with Shep Crawford (Yolanda Adams, Case, Jesse Powell) producing. Weaving their familiar gritsy-smooth stylings into the mix, the four voice combo is great on this balladic ode to faithfulness in relationships, and resolve to stay away from abusive ones.

Craword also pens "What's Wrong", a compassionate vocals-based cut in which Pam and Dodi plea in back-and-forth fashion to their brother or sister to share their pain so assistance can be shared and that 'eyes can be dried'. By song's end, it is obvious that the song is sung from the perspective of Jesus: "I died for you, I really love you...what's wrong...?"

Pam and Dodi
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Other album highlights include "Gotta Give It Up" which comes courtesy of Warryn Campbell, and "There All The Time" which features PAJAM in a slowly unfolding praise that brings in stacked vocal chorus from Pam, Dodi and James Moss. This fine cut is a definite departure from the urban steam that PAJAM has used to make a name for themselves.

Rising Motown songwriter/production duo Marcus Devine and Cordell Walton step in twice, first on "Love Me Like You Do" and then again on "Bounce" (a song in which the style is self-explanatory). Their work here continues the good impression they've made of late in collaborations with artists such as Men of Standard, Deitrick Haddon, Derrick Milan and Wanda Nero Butler.

Does the Pam and Dodi debut satisfy the growing appetite for urban Gospel? There is no doubt. The bonus here is that that project is so vocals-based.

Producers: Various
album release date: January 8, 2002
MCA Records

reviewed by Stan North

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