The Legacy — Volume 1

The bonafied ‘sanctified soldier’ has made his long-awaited and prolific return, as Pettidee graces the scene with his sophomore solo project.

The Legacy — Volume 1 looks to build off of Pettidee's debut project Still Alive (see interview) as a hard-hitting, hardcore blow in the face of the devil.

Pettidee CDThe Jacksonville, Florida native, known for his "in-your-face" southern style, continues to bring his trademark vocals to the table, with the intro being a strong call to action, arming all young soldiers to prepare for battle.

Formulating his army, he leads into "The Head Busa", where he addresses a wide variety of topics ranging from DJs who refuse to play his project to secular artists who release edited versions of their albums. These leadoff cuts are evidence of the direct and candid approach that this soldier brings to the game.

Pettidee has the ability to switch vocally from a hardcore southern emcee to a dancehall reggae artist at the drop of a hat. He brings some awesome dancehall reggae into the mix with "Twenty Five" and "The Bamma". Make no mistake, Pettidee shows some amazingly diverse ways to render praise to the Most High.

The diversity continues, as the Florida native strays from his normal fare to experiment, perhaps with limited success, with a Miami bass style, evident on tracks "Wooh Lord" and "No Wed, No Bed". He also takes a stab at bringing a strong west-coast vibe to the project with the track "Party, Party".

The musical diversity and ability of Pettidee can be so overwhelming at times that you can forget the balance he brings with relevant and ministering messages.

Pettidee CDOn "No Wed, No Bed", Pettidee teams with Lady Like to remind females that if a man can't marry you, he is not entitled to any marital benefits. The soldier also addresses many controversial issues such as sexual promiscuity, homosexuality, and adultery on several tracks. On "Don't Wait", Pettidee tells the world to honor him while he's living as opposed to waiting until he's dead and gone.

The guest list on this project includes labelmates Camp Quest (see album review) and Lisa (along with Preacha Boy, Phillip Ray White, and Rychus) on "Family".

Petti also connects with Brother Tomcat on "Party, Party", and several emcees such as Nuwine (see album review) and FTF (see album review) send shoutouts via inspiring and encouraging voicemail messages.

Solidifying The Legacy — Volume 1 are two remixes of his previously-heard material. The hardcore track "We Ain't Scared" comes re-packaged with a fierce millenial track, but the coup de gras is the "Still Alive Mega Mix", a 4-minute remix of nearly every song from his debut project. It is guaranteed to make your ear spin and your spirit soar.

Yes, the artistry of Pettidee is awesome. He's an emcee who majestically combines unparalleled artistry with a true heart for ministry in places that many projects fail to travel.

It’s this special combination that will ensure that 'the Legacy' of Pettidee will live for a long time to come.

Producer: Pettidee
album release date: July, 2001
Shabach Entertainment

— reviewed by Gerard Bonner

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