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Bishop T.D. Jakes
and The Potter's House Mass Choir
A Wing and a Prayer

"Prayer gives us power, prayer is the key
Wings lift us higher to victory"

“On a wing and a prayer” has, until now, implied faint hope, or perhaps a weak possibility. Not anymore.

Titling his latest musical foray Wing and a Prayer, Bishop T.D. Jakes returns with his Potters House Mass Choir to change the meaning of the cliché, anchoring it in scripture and affirming that it is, in fact, the surest of certainties.

CDAnd with the immense guest talent backing up the powerful preacher and choir on this project, the musical foundation is just as rock solid.

Minister of Music Steven Lawrence works with noted production whiz Kevin Bond to guide the live recording, assisted by an able band that includes mainstays such as Jonathan Dubose Jr., Michael Bereal, Jeremy Haynes and others.

Guest soloists stud the album, as if jewels on a crown.

It starts with Myron Wiliams, who writes “Jesus You Are My Everything”, a warmly rendered mid-tempo ballad that resonates from the opening bars. Williams’ own inviting vocals are filled with both awe and tenderness of expression, contrasting over a choir drive that increases as the song progresses.

A Wing and a Prayer
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You will hear Israel Houghton on “Send Me to the Nations”, a high energy, pumping agreement to submit to God’s will to spread his Word to all who will hear. Houghton injects encouragement and ad libbed vocals into this primarily choir vehicle.

Then soul crooner Jesse Campbell steps forward on “Not By Power”, adding plenty of vocal fuel to this Myron Butler / Robert Searight song that describes our victory in Jesus Christ is solely accomplished by His Spirit.

Andretta Randle (aka Drea Randle —her solo project Ooo Wee came out in 1999), returns to the limelight on “It’s Already Done”, a song from Kevin Bond with a funk essence that’s intro’d by Jakes before Randle brings a churchy flair to the mix.

Also on the album are appearances from Darwin Hobbs (“My Life Is Available To You”) and Tommye Young-West (on “A Path In The Sea”, which references Jesus’ support of Peter walking on water).

It also must be said that it’s real good to hear the classic Richard Smallwood song “His Mercy Endureth” come back again. First sung by The Richard Smallwood Singers on 1992’s Testimony album, Potter's House Mass Choir does it justice, deliver this rearrangment with with gusto and that recognizable Smallwood choir sound.

But back to that redefined cliché. “On A Wing and a Prayer” —the song —closes the album, but could rightly be considered the centerpiece of the project. Deeply rooted in church sounds, the song puts an instant exclamation point on the theme. Jakes steps in througout the cut (as only he can), saying that THIS, this is how we made it.


Producers: Kevin Bond, Steve Lawrence
album release date: March 25, 2003
Dexterity Sound

— reviewed by Stan North

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