Rodney Posey & Praise
A New Song of Worship

Praise and worship albums have never before been so much in demand as they are today.

Rodney Posey is one man who was called to this aspect of musical ministry before it truly hit the radar screens of the Gospel music masses. You could rightly call him a pioneer of the genre, along with fellow trailblazers Fred Hammond, Alvin Slaughter and Ron Kenoly.

 CDOn A New Song of Worship, his third album for Crystal Rose Records, Posey combines with producer Cedric Thompson for a live project, recorded at James Temple Church of God In Christ in Cincinnatti, and delivers a resounding call to enter His courts with praise.

Dipping into a large palette of musical colors and textures, Posey paints a glorious picture of God’s deliverance, patience and mercy, and he does so with a definite emphasis on celebration.

The latin sizzle of “Feel Like Dancin’”, one of several occasions on the project where Posey’s vocal ensemble Praise is joined by the larger Worship Choir, is a stirring invitation to As if you needed more encouragement, there’s also “Make A Joyful Noise”, a call-and-response filled with punctuated chords from choir and band.

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“Celebration” continues in the hands-up vein. Written jointly by Ted Winn and Myron Butler, the song rests on traditional structure but is spiced with some fancy bass work from Anthony “Basshead” Brown and flickers of extra rhythm courtesy Richard Jenkins.

Posey digs into more mellow offerings on cuts such as the softly flowing “Awesome God”. Praise smooths out and repeats the gentle tune of the chorus as Posey inserts rhetorical questions on top. “To God Be The Glory” is the companion piece, a simply composed praise supported by a quiet synth and rhythm track.

“Worship Medley” highlights Posey’s upper solo range amidst piano ripples from Cedric Thompson. Following is a second medley, this one titled “A Tribute to Bishop William James”. Posey strings together several chorus excerpts. With choir again silent, the set is awash solely in Morris Mingo’s fine organ style.

Containing all the elements that has endeared the artist to us over the years, this is another fine project from Rodney Posey and Praise.

Producers: Rodney Posey, Cedric Thompson
album release date: March 26, 2002
Crystal Rose Records

— reviewed by Stan North

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