Sean Slaughter
Die Another Day

After several recent appearances on other projects, an innovative mixtape and producing his own compilation project (see album review), Sean Slaughter is back on the scene with his first solo project in nearly four years, cleverly titled Die Another Day.

CD Over the space of four years, Slaughter (who is also the hip hop columnist for us here at GOSPELflava.com) has relocated from his New York home to the seemingly more tranquil Hampton, Virginia area. No worries though. The location change hasnít taken away any of Slaughterís fire, grit, or lyrical delivery. On the contrary, the emcee's production style and lyrical floetry is enhanced.

Slaughter comes fifteen tracks strong with a project that blends the trademark East Coast grit with a smoothed out style that adds diversity to his presentation.

Slaughter continues his partnership with producer Quest, who lends his hands to street savvy tracks such as "Die Daily" and "Rap Musik". The emcee also branches out and enlists additional production from hot track masters such as Marko Polo, Relic and Julius Diaz, who add an instrumental flava that will keep your head noddiní and your jeep thumpiní. Check out their flava on tracks like "You Goní See" and "Pop Off".

Slaughterís collaborations highlight his musical maturity. Janine lends her vocals to the hook of "Love Jones", which has the emcee dedicating several lines to his young Sean Slaughterdaughter (Lyric). Jamila slams the hook "Beautiful" while Slaughter amasses a slick team of emcees, including Shabach, K-Drama and D.N.A. on "Stadium Lightz". And donít you dare forget the slick "Block Musik" that features Lavoisier the MC (see album review).

One of Slaughterís greatest strengths is his ability to tell a story. Consider him the hip hop equivalent to Dorothy Norwood (if you can imagine), in that he can take any subject and breathes life into it with just a few rhymes. Look at evidence of that on tracks such as "Jonah in the 21st Century" and "Donít Cry", where he cleverly and effortlessly chronicles the struggle of Job with his three friends.

Without a doubt, Slaughter has a hit on his hands with Die Another Day.

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Producers: Various
album release date: 2002
Slaughter Music/Executive Music Group

— reviewed by Gerard Bonner

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