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Sheri Jones-Moffett

While this may be the debut solo effort for Sheri Jones-Moffett, she is by NO means a new artist. The talented vocalist spent many years singing with the famed Tri-City Singers, as well has serving as half of the scintillating vocal duo, Ted & Sheri (read review of The Healing Starts Right There and Celebrate .

With over a decade of recorded experience, Jones-Moffett releases her long awaited solo presentation, titled Renewed. Ten tracks deep, this release, much like her already storied career, is chock full of memorable musical moments thatís guaranteed to make the album a quick favorite.

CD  Jones-Moffett enlists the help of Daniel Moore II to produce and arrange the bulk of the effort. In addition, he partners with Jones-Moffett to co-write seven of the albumís ten tracks. Marque "Keybeeetsss" Walker both produces and teams with the Tri-City alumnus to write two of the albumís most gutsy and fun tracks, "Wonder" and "Free Indeed". Both are highly infectious tunes that freely showcase Jones-Moffettís musical diversity and ability to cross genres in a heartbeat.

From the onset of the album, it becomes quickly evident that sheís charting her own musical course, choosing to express her talent in mediums weíve yet to see. Whether itís the rock infused "Free Indeed" or the 70s, Shaft-like title cut, the former Tri-City vocalist gets it done. While she jams with the best of them, she belts out a mean ballad.

Equally as exciting as her delivery is her writing ability, as she co-wrote every song. Her lyrical relevance and timeliness shines through with songs of encouragement like "Not Too Late To Dream" and "Best Life".

The presentation of reality-based, practical subject matter helps to solidify this album as Jones-Moffett shares much of her heart and personal experience on tracks like "Grace of God" and "Affirmation".

Throw in a bit of New Orleans church with "I Feel Your Spirit" and you have an exciting and impressive debut coming from this wildly talented vocalist.

With authentic vocal ability, superb placement, and apposite lyrical content, Jones-Moffett returns with a Renewed sense of purpose and presence. This is easily one of the yearís brightest recorded moments and is worth a prime spot in any music loverís catalogue.

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Production: Daniel Moore, II, Marque Walker
album release date: August 11, 2009
EMI Gospel

— review by Gerard Bonner

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