Tha Messenger

Smooth CDWell known for the numerous champion releases with the Dove-nominated group K2S, the first solo album from Smooth is now reality as he pans for Gospel hip hop gold.

Tha Messenger houses Smooth’s trademark West Coast flavor and captures a skillful performance. It’s evident that his seven-year stretch in the industry is far from over, as he produces some vivacious, plush vocals coupled with head noddin’ beats, with vocal cameos from fellow K2S member Jenny, as well as newcomers Rapps Gallor, Jayrockski, and Voice.

The first cut "Smooth Be Tha Name", identifies the rappers’ vision and reveals his purpose to start a legacy. He tells of his career origins and where he is going. Rhyming over a Dr. Dre tinged track produced by D-Black, Smooth declares his allegiance to Christ in catchy chorus:

Smooth be the name
Gospel rap is my game
I represent Christ
Not a thing here changed
Some wanna playa hate
Yet I remain the same
And I won’t sell out for the money and the fame

—Smooth Be Tha Name

"Get Your Praize On" is a club track that encourages everyone to bounce and holler back if
 K2S is one of those hip hop rarities, a crew with both male and female members

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they feel the vibe. It’s a contagious tune that paints a good time picture. Premiere tracks usually merit remixes, and such is the case here, as The Wyzemen step in for the honors. Other danceable grooves are "All I Really Want" and "I Came To Get Down".

On all tracks but one, Smooth makes his mark as a writer and producer. The Metro One artist never sways from the message of the Gospel and offers all hearers the clear cut gist of his mission.

"Friend of Mine", "Dreamer", and "The Game Is Over", all leave an unshakeable soul impression of where one will spend eternity.

With a new album, new record label, and with this join, undoubtedly a new fan base, Smooth exhibits abilities beyond expectation. With an unwillingness to compromise or taint the package of salvation, this courier acknowledges that God is the only answer to life’s struggles.

Producers: Smooth, D-Black
album release date: July, 2001
Metro One Music

— reviewed by Brenda M. Ingram II

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