Tarralyn Ramsey
Beyond The Darkness

Tarralyn Ramsey caused mouths to drop in amazement when she was a teenager and released an album on Verity Records (read album review). She then turned heads when she won VH1's "Born to Diva", where she went on to record a mainstream R&B project, which resulted in some head-scratching for some in the church (although it was something that Ramsey was contractually obligated to do).

Ramsey has maintained her time as a worship leader and now brings Beyond The Darkness, an album released on her own record label, Tarprincel Entertainment Group.

CD  The project doesn't focus on the urban beats, and the production takes a backseat to her vocals, which have been compared to Whitney Houston during her soprano days.

"I'll Take Your Trouble" is an acoustic ballad which serves as a song of encouragement and assurance that things that trouble people do not weigh down the Lord.

Ramsey then belts out some serious notes during "God Emmanuel", and then gets things jumping on the semi-techno, "Sanctuary of Praise". While the mixing and engineering don't quite do justice to the upbeat songs, with Ramsey's stellar voice, it is easier to overlook than it might be otherwise.

Her heart for worship is evident and obvious throughout the album. Lift your hands and just get lost while listening to "Feel Your Presence Again". This one starts off with only Tarralyn and the piano and then builds to a driving number that also includes some impressive background vocals (from her as well).

Other ballads to choose from are "Faultless", the inspirational, "Yes You Can" and "Wise Men Still Seek Him".

With her worship leading activities, Tarralyn Ramsey has never really left the scene, so it's great to see her deliver another project for the masses.

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Production: Various
album release date: 2009
Tarprincel Entertainment Group

— review by Dwayne Lacy

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