Trin-i-tee 5:7
The Kiss

The same group that brought us "My Body" and "God's Grace" is back on the scene with their third release titled The Kiss.

Trin-i-tee 5:7 —Chanelle Haynes, Angel Taylor and Adrian Anderson have graced us with a 16-track offering that is by far their best to date. The Kiss shows great growth within the group musically as they venture into new and, at times, unchartered territory.

"With A Kiss", from which the album title is derived, is one of the first songs to address Judas' betrayal of Jesus. Masterfully penned by Shep Crawford, the song speaks from the perspective of Jesus actually talking to Judas and reliving the fateful night that changed the course of human history.

CD "Dance Like Sunday" features writing and production from Fred Jerkins and Lashawn Daniels. This is vintage Trin-i-tee 5:7, complete with a hot dance vibe and the celebratory message of getting your dance on.

The same vibe is taken to another level as the trio teams with PAJAM on "Holla". On the urban remix of the same, J. Moss introduces us to his alter ego Ricky Styles and brings his bangin' lyrical flow to the forefront. This cut is sure to be a favorite with its uptempo street vibe and message of encouragement to endure during trying times.

The partnerships continue as Trin-i-tee 5:7 teams with the R&P legends Dawkins & Dawkins on "What He Wants". The song, which speaks of their desire to simply be what God wants them to be, is more of a mid-tempo groove. You'll hit the repeat button a number of times on this one. The combo of Trin-i-tee's vocals and the Dawkins' writing is a match made in musical heaven.

God's Property alumnus Myron Butler co-writes the funky "Here for You", which speaks of the Lord's unfailing commitment to His people. "Greater Than You & Me" masterfully plays on the popular hip-hop/rock fusion as Chanelle Haynes co-writes this song which speaks to creating a greater world for our children.

Interview With Trin-i-tee 5:7
CD "My grandmother wears choir robes and she's just as adorable in them. I encourage her. She's so cute in it with her little chapel cap on, but I don't wear that. I wear my denim jeans from Melrose in LA. I go to Saks. I shop in Bloomingdale's and Niemann & Marcus.....

See full interview.

Haynes isn't the only member of the trio that caught the writing bug, as each member contributed material for this project. Adrian Anderson teams with Big Bert in writing "All of My Life". Angel Taylor joins forces with Darren Henson and Keith Pelzer on the blazin' slow jam "Here 4 U".

The trio also hits the ground running as they pen their first song together as a group, titled "Sixteen Again". The song speaks of finding true love with a mate that has inspired by God. In discovering this love, the ladies return to the innocence of first dates and general fun found at age sixteen.

Trin-i-tee 5:7 does not fear covering a song or two either. "Lord" is a remake of the immensely popular hit "Love" by Musiq. By simply replacing "love" with "Lord", Trin-i-tee turns a great secular love song into a greater urban worship expression to the Father.

The trio also remakes Curtis Mayfield's "People Get Ready". This is a must hear as the first half of the song is a reverant tribute to Mayfield's original arrangement while the second half of the song is uniquely Trin-i-tee with a distinctly millenial approach. You just have to hear it!!

It's undeniable...The Kiss is a hit!! Don't get it twisted.

Producers: Various
album release date: August 6, 2002
B-Rite Records

reviewed by Gerard Bonner

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