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Featuring John P. Kee
VIDEO: Not Guilty

From the initial dramatic narrative to the closing bonus of the "Not Guilty" concept video, John P. Kee and New Life excite. Covering much of Not Guilty Videothe blazing material from the Gold certified project that released last year (see album review), Kee fans will surely have to have this video in their collection.

In addition to the usually hot vocals and steaming band, Kee’s stage presence and occasional antics keep the flow flowing. Guest spots are peppered throughout.

Rhonda McLemore (see album review) takes the stage on "Rhema Word", with Tonéx belting out a sky-high lead toward song end.

The jammiest number is the redo of “Grateful”, which starts off innocently enough with LaDonna Mole singing lead, soon followed by Ivan Powell. But by the time the song is over, the entire concert stage is crowded singers and dancers. Fellow North Carolina artist Shirley Caesar hits the stage with her faux-military outfit to wreck house, followed by Mr. and Mrs. Tonéx, adding multiple dimensions to this Not Guilty favorite.

Not Guilty concert video clip Click on the above image to download a clip from the video.
In between songs are some interludes by Kee, who offers some inside stories and anecdotes, prompted by an off-camera and off-mic interviewer.

Throughout, although there are occasional lapses in editing smoothness, there are plenty of shining moments.

The animated solo trombone display from Zeb Harrison is one. Chris Kee, featured on drums on the widely known “God of Mercy”, is another. LaDonna Mole opens things up with her solos on “Thou Art Worthy” and “I’ll Bless Your Name”. Sheila Lakin steps out on “Jesus”, and Kee himself hits a number of your favorites.

True Kee fans will find plenty to grab ahold of here. Lots of New Life’s classic delivery with a few extras in the guest artists, two concept videos, praise dancers and lots of energy.

The video ends with a cryptic “stay tuned for Part Two”. We rest, assured that many many will be...

video release date: October, 2001
Verity Records

— reviewed by Melanie Clark and Stan North

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