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With This Ring

Anyone who has planned their own wedding knows that among all the decisions to be made, the choice of music ranks up there as perhaps one of the most important.

It sets the tone for the big day, and is often seen as a reflection of the personalities of the bride and groom.

With This Ring CDThat’s why With This Ring ranks as a must-have wedding resource for Gospel music lovers. From Harborwood Records, this is an eleven-track set of newly interpreted songs from a bevy of both well-know and up and coming Gospel artists.

With the exception of two instrumental redos of Stevie Wonder classics from Ben Tankard ("Ribbon In The Sky") and Donald Hayes ("You And I"), the music is original and heard here for the first time on disc.

Who better than the newly married to sing wedding music? To this end, the label recruited some of Gospel’s most well-known newlyweds.

Marking that set are Tonéx’s ultra-soft vocal glides on “The Way I Feel Inside”. With his own wedding obviously still fresh in his mind, this song has an intimate loveliness built in and buttered with soul.

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On “Rainbow Maker”, Take 6-er Joey Kibble joins with his wife, Virtue’s Karima Kibble, to vocalize the tender song written by both Kibble and hitmaker Hallerin Hill. And on “God’s Greatest Gift”, Kelli Williams (newlywed last year) joins with Chris Willis on this cut that resonates harmonies and soar into duet stratosphere. (Willis has been gone from the solo scene far, far too long; this song proves he still has the vocals).

Other inclusions are Nu Wave’s contemporary sounds on the vow tribute “I Do”, written and produced by Percy Bady, who also produces a song written by his brother, Ray Bady (newly signed to GospoCentric), on "All That’s Left To Say", sung by Marvin Sapp.

“All Because of You” is a new song from Commissioned, with Mitchell Jones producing and contributing lead vocals along with Marcus Cole. Also returning is Maurette Brown-Clark with “I Believe In Love”. The DC vocalist gets back into the song saddle with the experienced vocals of Tiffany Palmer, Ann McCrary and Duawne Starling supporting.

Palmer and Starling are also featured on additional solo cuts, nicely rounding out the soft soul and dulcet renderings that mark the entire project.

With all this going for it, perhaps the greatest coup on With This Ring is the bonus inclusion of five performance trax on the end of the album. With vocals removed from “I Do”, "When Boy Meets Girl", “With This Ring”, “I Believe in Love” and “God’s Greatest Gift”, it’s a welcome resource for wedding artists, brides and grooms alike.

Proving that cannot get more romantic than when you invite God into your marital intimacy, With This Ring easily fills a great need.

Producers: Various
album release date: May 15, 2001
Harborwood Records

— reviewed by Stan North

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