Women of Excellence
Where There's a Will There's A Way

The Morton Family is renowned for their combination of preaching and musical exellence. You get both on this excellent album of woman's worship, featuring Elder Debra Morton.

Women of Excellence CDWhere There's a Will There's A Way marks the debut project coming from the church-based Tehillah Music Group, with Sanchez Harley combining with Michael Robinson to co-ordinate the live production. The music stems from the Women of Excellence Convention held at Greater St. Stephens church in New Orleans in 1999, and features the mass choir vocals of the women of the convention.

Supporting instrumentally are a veteran crew that includes Joel Smith on drums, Al Willis on guitar, Joel Britton on organ, John Richardson on bass and Michael Robinson directing the ensemble behind keyboards.

Elder Morton sings lead on a couple of her own compositions: "We Worship You O God" and "By Faith I Touched Jesus". They appear back-to-back, with the praise, worship and exhortation flowing oblivious to the recording equipment in the room.

Tehillah Music Group
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Also notable on this project is the stellar vocal contribution of Evangelist Beverly Crawford on "Trust in the Lord Medley". Anyone familiar with Crawford's unique stylings will instantly recognize her church riffs and astounding flair for bringing the lyrics home to the heart. She also brings Britton's "Breakthrough" into focus.

On the opening and rousing "Victory In The Praise" and the album-closer and much slower "Saved", the vocals are served up by Pastor Nancy Wilson.

Rounding out the praise are several serious choir-only cuts, including Debra Morton's title cut gem, "Where There's A Will, There's a Way".

With a number of spoken exhortations peppering the project, Where There's a Will There's A Way is a triumph of traditional live Gospel in a worship and praise setting.

Producers: Sanchez Harley, Michael Robinson
album release date: September, 2001
Tehillah Music Group

reviewed by Stan North

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