Goo Atkins Fashion Feature (2011)

Something significant happened to the fashion world in 2003. Goo Atkins entered the scene as one of the most dynamic forces to ever be called stylist. Specializing in curvy figures, Goo is also a costume designer for stage and television, with clientele that includes the likes of Michelle Williams of Destiny's Child, gospel greats Mary Mary, and leading actors Laz Alonso and Morris Chestnut.

Fashion Comments and Photos
Photos Read Goo Atkins's fashion comments based on photos from BMI's 12th Annual Trailblazers of Gospel Awards Luncheon.

Fashion Comments and Photos

There's nothing she can't champion, having coordinated runway shows, and created looks for major Red Carpet events such as the Grammys and AMAs, album cover art, and editorial shoots for Jet, Heart & Soul and Sophisticates.

Although she is technically a celebrity stylist, Goo is "non-industry" and enjoys working with everyday people as much she likes working with her celebrity clients. Her passion is helping everyone look their very best and reach their optimal style potential.

GOSPELflava.com spent some moments with Goo, and then solicited some candid comments on the fashion statements of several Gospel artists who graced the audience and stage of BMI's 12th Annual Trailblazers of Gospel Awards Luncheon. Check it out:

GF.com: Why is image important and how does that connect with ministry?

Goo Atkins: Image is important for a few reasons. One of them is because beauty attracts and beauty sells. People love beauty. This goes into the second reason, which is that all entertainment "should be" required to keep that certain "fantasy" or "larger than life" element. Doing so successfully is directly related to your image. It's what the audience sees. As far as having the same expectation for ministry, I believe that we should do everything in excellence and to be 100, we want the same size check as the secular don't we? Ok, then we must meet the same expectations. It does not lessen the element of ministry at all. If an artist feels like it does, then perhaps that artist should reconsider their career choice or change their platform.

GF.com: What are your Top Five fashion pet peeves?

Goo Atkins:

  1. Fur around the collar
  2. Too many shiny or printed items on at one time.
  3. Over dressing and under dressing. (For the newbies with new revelations that prove the traditional way "wrong", bless their "young, prideful, rebellious in the name of the Lord" hearts)
  4. Big Midwest collars
  5. Paying too much for a designer label while still maintaining a tacky look, or one that doesn't complement the individual. They've been robbed. I must go on...
  6. Having garments poorly made.
  7. Over thinking and doing in the name of "being different". It usually ends up at "quite silly"
  8. Colors that match while the look is inconsistent. For example, red vintage dress, red chic earrings and red sexy shoe.
  9. Wrong or no girdles.
I gave you double for your trouble!!

GF.com: What do we, in Gospel, do well?

Goo Atkins: Suits. That goes for men and women. No large group of people ANYWHERE has as many great suits as a group of church people.

GF.com: Can you give us some new trends?

Goo Atkins: I'm excited about this year's sandals. I was elated that last spring/ summer so many great sandals were in style. Us ladies were just as sexy (or attractive if that bad word offends the saints) in our cute, colorful, blinged-out sandals. I also love cardigans. Can't wait to see great new light cashmere ones with fun buttons etc. for spring and summer nights. As for men, I love a guy that does linen well,or great striped shorts, with short sleeved shirts. I'm getting excited talking about it!

GF.com: Any trends from 2010 you wish would go away?

Goo Atkins: The ballerina sandal can take a bow. It's been severely abused. The "little girl" look with the baby girl cardigan, fluffly pre-teen skirt, head band with bow, WITH the ballerina shoe needs to be brutally murdered. Don't no grown man want to confuse his 30 year old wife with his 14 year old niece. I can't wait until it says goodbye. As for men: the nerd look is waaaaaay over done. Bow ties don't have to be worn every time you get dressed up.

Click on the image in the box above to check the gallery for candid comments offered up by Goo Atkins on the fashion statements of several Gospel artists who graced the audience and stage of BMI's 12th Annual Trailblazers of Gospel Awards Luncheon. Take a look, and be sure to read her description of each photo.

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— reviewed by Melanie Clark

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