Behind-Scenes: At the 22nd Annual Stellar Awards (2007)

GOSPELflava.com’s Steven Jones was at the Grand Ole Opry on January 13th, —but behind-the-scenes, taking in the inner workings of the prestigious 22nd Annual Stellar Awards (view list of winners). Here’s his take:

With over two decades of experience under their belts, the stage crew of the show kept this year’s show running like a well-oiled machine. Stage props were changed in record times; guest presenters were notified by way of head sets and walkees, and brought to the stage while members of production were on hand to remind them of their lines. It all helped to keep the overall flow going throughout the evening.

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One thing that even Central City Productions head honcho Don Jackson himself couldn't have prepared for was the overwhelming presence of God that filled the Grand Ole Opry during the last 30 minutes of the show. After an awesome set by Tye & GA, praise swept through the hallway once they exited the stage. The green room (that area backstage where people can watch what’s happening as if they were in the audience) watched in awe as the group sent up praises to God & continued to pray that all in attendance would be saturated with His Spirit.

Within moments, Kirk Franklin rushed the stage with an impromptu scripture lesson on the importance of giving to others, which was inspired by one of the night’s biggest shockers —Donald Lawrence handing over his Artist of the Year award to fellow nominee, Tye Tribbett. “Now that Donald’s hands are empty, he has room to receive a true blessing from heaven”, said Franklin. The crowd rose to their feet and the atmosphere in the building shifted from a show, into a service.

Kirk left the stage but the presence of God was so heavy that the crowd refused to sit down. Mary Mary’s Erica Campbell, who was set to sing the next number, took to the stage with a sense of urgency pleading with those in attendance to make sure their soul was in line with the word of God. “Artists, we need to get back to the time before we had a record deal, before we were known, and get on our faces and pray and read God’s Word”, she said. By this time the musicians were playing, leading us into a full scale revival! Back stage was a frenzy, producers not knowing whether to allow the ministering to continue, or to carry on with the show. Shouting, crying, praising, and heavenly language could be heard all throughout the building in what some are calling “the most Spirit-filled award show” that faithful attendees have ever seen.

This was truly a night to remember. When so many can get caught up in the celebrity and seeming glamour of the industry, it all comes down to one thing: “Is the Name of Jesus and all He represents being ministered, and if so, effectively? Have we remembered our First Love and are we continuing to be inspired and driven by Him in all we do, whether artist, producer, industry exec or common music-loving citizen?”

It is our role, no matter what station in life we find ourselves, to glorify God with the gifts He’s given each of us. If we can’t remember that Christ is the reason for all we do, then what’s the point?

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