17th Annual Stellar Awards
Photo Feature with Londa Larmond

EMI Gospel's Londa Larmond is not only one of the nation's most sought after new artists (see Love Letters album review), she's also a straight-up Gospel music fan. Larmond spent the January 11th-13th 2002 weekend in Atlanta at the 17th Annual Stellar Awards, and took her camera along too. Check out the notes she jotted down about the celebrations.....

The Stellar Awards are always a pleasure to attend. It would be nice if the fans had an opportunity to see how artists and executives interact with each other, love each other and share with each other. Artists taking
Londa Larmond's Stellar Photo Album
Londa Larmond with Kirk Franklin
Take a peek at the from EMI Gospel’s Londa Larmond as she spent some time with her artist peers during the Nominee Reception held on Friday January 11th, 2002. Move your mouse over each photo for the caption.

Londa's Stellar Photo Album.

(photos courtesy R. Picart)

pictures with other artists. Big veteran artists rolling with the newcomers. It doesn't matter if you attend the award show or the receptions, the "homecoming" vibe seems to bring everything together.

The games began Friday night. I had just gotten into Atlanta and was in the mood to hear my friends sing their face off!! My new friend Smokey Norful (EMI Gospel) did not disappoint me. This is a man of God who got on the piano and just took a whole room into worship. Between his awesome fingerwork, incredible voice and powerful anointing...I was blown away by the way he transformed a banquet hall into a sanctuary of worship. At exactly 4 months and 2 days until his record comes out, that's definitely a CD that I've got to have!

Then there was Yolanda on the Saturday night! She has so much to give God thanks for and she wasn't afraid to show that. She has had the most incredible year and really has represented Gospel to the world with excellence. Whether she's on TV or not, she understands that God deserves her praise and she was ready to give it up! I understand that level of praise and worship. It's not to be played with. She truly showed that the Stellar's are not just another award show but a worship service with a few commercials.

written by Londa Larmond, compiled by Stan North

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