19th Annual Stellar Award After Party (2004)

There was a chill atmosphere after the stunning Stellar Awards taping. Many of the artists, media, industry execs. and enthusiastic fans spilled into the Hilton Hotel that adjoins theRamiyah George R. Brown Convention Center. Everyone was gearing for the post-Stellar reception sponsored by Matthew Knowles and Music World Music .

This night was dedicated to the movie The Fighting Temptations. Comedian Ricky Smiley served as the host and garnered many laughs with his hilarious jokes about funerals, the difference between the way white and black people sing “Amazing Grace”, and plenty of other funny jokes. The house band was more than ably led by Houston’s Gary Mayes. Musicians included Spanky on drums. Mayes’ Nu Era choir showed up along with several other supporting vocalists.

Check out the highlights of the evening:

Newly signed Sony artist Ty Tribbett & Greater Anointing presented an electrifying set. They did a stirring number with Kim Burrell and then reprised the funky “Superstar” (heard on the Gotta Have Gospel! project), but this time featuring Musiq soulchild.

Many artists including Tonex, Ms. Tonex, members of Love Fellowship Tabernacle and others showed their support and love for TY & GA by rushing to the front to dance and
After Party Photo Recap
Photos See the numerous photos from the Stellar Awards after party, sponsored by Music World Music. Clicking on each of the links below takes you to a new set of photos.


Yolanda, Donnie, Kirk

Beyonce Knowles

Fighting Temptations Cast

Michelle Williams

Ty Tribbett & Greater Anointing

Rickey Smiley, Patti Labelle, etc.

jump along with the group. Tribbett has a ministry that is unique. The phrase “seeing is believing” best describes them, and it you’ve never seen Ty jump, when you do, won’t soon forget it. This group is about to bust through the seams.

Ramiyah, all in white, blended nice harmonies on “I Told You” and Don’t Nobody Know”, with J. Moss making a guest appearance, and vocally demonstrating that he does indeed have Clark blood in him (as cousin to The Clark Sisters).

Michelle Williams delivered a soulful ballad, the title track from her upcoming sophomore album, “You Will Know”. Newly signed to Music World Music, Trin-i-tee 5:7 came on stage to sing “The Kiss”.

The evening then delved into segments based on music from The Fighting Temptations. After a colorful praise dancers segment, T-Bone stepped up to deliver a mix of hip hop and salsa in the tongue-tripping style that only he can do. Many, including the ladies of Virtue, were moving and dancing Latino style. There were even a few tuxedoed waiters and waitresses who could not help but to find their groove.

Shirley Caesar turned the reception into church as she preached about the goodness of God and how he spared her sister’s life. She then brought the house down with her two churchy numbers, and she introduced the lovely Patti Labelle to the stage to duet Ty Tribbettwith her on “The Stone”. Even though Patti did not know the words of the song, she still delivered her signature ad libs.

Yolanda Adams then arrived on stage with both Donnie McClurkin and Kirk Franklin, and proceeded to minister. She admonished, exhorted and encouraged and many were weeping and lifting their hands to God.

The evening ended with an ‘all stops pulled out’ extravaganza that featured many artists from the singing cast of The Fighting Temptations on the Buster & Shavoni song, “He Still Loves Me”. That including Beyonce Knowles, The O’ Jays and Angie Stone, all together, along with the backing choir and Gary Mayes and company. They all did a great job and showed a lot of love to one another.

It was great to see and great way to end the night and the Stellar weekend.

Check out more photos from the 'Stellar After Party' below. And be sure to check out the inserted box above in this article for tons more.

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Beyonce Knowles

Donnie McClurkin

J. Moss

Ty Tribbett and Greater Anointing with Kim Burrell

Michelle Williams

Ty Tribbett and Greater Anointing

Patti Labelle


Ricky Smiley

Shirley Caesar


Trin-i-tee 5:7

Kirk Franklin

Yolanda Adams

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