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Top Ten Fred Hammond Songs
PART I: According to Gerard Bonner


Fred Hammond: the man has made his mark on Gospel and beyond. As a writer of phenomenal songs, he has influenced countless artists along the way. GOSPELflava.com will attempt to narrow his powerful songs (outside the Commissioned stuff) to a top ten.

We'll do that twice, using the perspective of both Gerard Bonner (see below) and Dwayne Lacy (click here). Sure, some will argue our choices, but no one will say that he has not written some incredible and highly anointed songs.

No doubt, you have your two cents on the matter, so drop those pennies on the message board! (Link here.)

Gerard Bonner lists the top 10 Fred Hammond songs, and includes honorable mentions.

Fred 10 “Let The Praise Begin”
Here’s a huge jam for Hammond that became an urban praise and worship favorite all across the country. The leadoff cut to the smash double-CD Pages of Life became an anthem that led a nation to radically release their praise to God. It’s undeniably infectious and worthy of top 10 status. (from Pages of Life, Vols. 1 and 2 )

Fred 9 “This Is The Day”
Anytime you can take an old school hymn and make it the hottest jam on your album, you’re on to something. Hammond breathes incredible life to this congregational classic that is sure to quickly make your own Hammond Top 10. This could arguably be Hammond’s hottest jam to date... and that’s saying something!! (from Free To Worship )

Fred 8 “We’re Blessed”
It could be argued that this is Hammond’s most successful solo hit, as it has weathered the test of time and is still a part of his concert repetoire. Who can argue with a declaration of blessing, which could be viewed as a forerunner to the prosperity focus so popular in modern day Christianity. Call it prophetic or revolutionary, Hammond is ahead of his time and this jam clearly proves that. (from The Inner Court )

Fred7 “Show Yourself Strong”
This cut is proof of Hammond’s ability keep your head noddin’ while pouring out a powerful message. With this new school jam, Hammond asks God to show Himself strong and manifest His presence in our everyday situations. Who can ask for anything more? Not even Toyota!! (from Speak Those Things: POL Chapter 3 )

Fred6 “That Ain’t Nothin'”
Here’s another jam that makes its way to the top 10. Hammond and his RFC contingency do it big as they declare the awesome power of God with this bangin’ track that reeks of serious bobblehead juice. This infectious jeep banger gets in your chest while lifting your head with utter confidence that our God can do literally anything!! (from Speak Those Things: POL Chapter 3 )

Fred5 “Make Time For Love”
Perhaps the single most transparent song in the entire Fred Hammond catalogue is “Make Time For Love”. The gentle giant bears his soul and implores all to put aside busy schedules and engagements to care for the one thing that crosses all socioeconomic, racial, and religious backgrounds. Citing love as the great connector, Hammond advises all to invest in love and admonishes us not to let it slip away. Hammond delivers yet another timeless message with this powerful song. (from Somethin’ 'Bout Love )

Fred4 “Call Me Righteous”
While the most heralded song of Hammond’s “The Spirit of David” project was “No Weapon”, this song is the hidden gem and unsung hero of this album. Here’s a fierce jam from Hammond and his RFC crew. With an in-your-face bass line, Hammond and company affirm and declare the identity of the believer post-conversion. No longer can we be called sinners and foreigners. Instead, our new identity is simply that of one who is righteous. (from The Spirit of David)

Fred3 “Love You Forever”
Fred has always been able to rock and this song is a classic example of the jam factor. This song cleverly declares Hammond’s love for God over an infectious beat that has managed to transition from cassette player to CD changer to iPod nano. In other words, it’s weathered the test of time without losing any of it’s head-bangin’ impact. (from Deliverance)

Fred2 “My Heart Depends On You”
Hammond delivers another balladic classic. This time, he speaks of our total dependence on Christ and how our existence is directly tied to His reality. Hammond’s use of metaphors and similes showcases his prolific ability as a songwriter while his vocals weave a melodic tapestry that etches itself into the heart of every listener. (from Deliverance)

Fred1 “Mender of Broken Hearts”
Perhaps this has such great sentimental meaning as this song was the subject of a speech in my public speaking class as a high school junior. However, this classic from Hammond’s debut solo release speaks to God’s timeless ability to heal the hurting. This eternal message followed me from a junior in high school until now, cementing its far reaching impact. (from I Am Persuaded)

Honorable Mentions:

  • “Running Back To You” (from Commissioned's Go Tell Somebody project). It’s the song that almost was left on the cutting room floor that became a sensation. After 20 years, this song will STILL bring you to tears. That makes it classic in and of itself.

  • “King of Glory” (from Commissioned's Number 7 project). Before ever launching RFC, Hammond struck gold with “King of Glory”, which could debatably be the embryonic stages of the urban worship movement. Clearly worship filled in nature, this song admonishes us to honor and acknowledge Christ in His rightful place as the King of Glory.

  • “My Desire” (from Kirk Franklin's The Nu Nation Project). Hammond, Kirk Franklin, and Yolanda Adams first debuted this song on gospel’s first modern mega tour, titled the Tour of Life. Recorded on Franklin’s Nu Nation Project, Hammonds lead vocals define this song as both passionately declare a sincere desire to please God. Who can forget Hammond and Franklin’s call to the horn section at end of the track? Horns!!

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