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Top Ten Fred Hammond Songs
PART II: According to Dwayne Lacy


Fred Hammond: the man has made his mark on Gospel and beyond. As a writer of phenomenal songs, he has influenced countless artists along the way. GOSPELflava.com will attempt to narrow his powerful songs (outside the Commissioned stuff) to a top ten.

We'll do that twice, using the perspective of both Dwayne Lacy (see below) and Gerard Bonner (click here). Sure, some will argue our choices, but no one will say that he has not written some incredible and highly anointed songs.

No doubt, you have your two cents on the matter, so drop those pennies on the message board! (Link here)

Dwayne Lacy lists the top 10 Fred Hammond songs, and includes honorable mentions.

Fred 10 "Please Don't Pass Me By"
The music was reminiscent of something that Babyface would have done, but it was a telling of the blind man who was so desperate for a healing from Jesus —a powerful song that anyone could identity with. Fred's lead and RFC's backing vocals are lovely. Who can forget the version that was on the Purpose By Design video that featured Israel Houghton on guitar and Bridgette Campbell ad libbing at the end? (from Pages of Life, Vols. 1 and 2 )

Fred 9 "Lord Of the Harvest"
This high-energy praise song has graced the services of many churches across the country. It has that Fred and RFC feel with some nice harmonies, but it is still simple enough to be sung for Praise and Worship. (from Speak Those Things: POL Chapter 3 )

Fred 8 "Give Me A Clean Heart"
This song from the Gold-selling Purpose By Design project has a wonderful musical arrangement with Noel Hall's notable solo on the Rhodes. The words on this song are so powerful and so vertical, making it a powerful song in my prayer time. (From Purpose By Design)

Fred 7 "Celebrate (He Lives)"
This song about the joy of the resurrection of Christ has a funky groove courtesy of Fred's fiery bass playing and Darryl Dixon's wah wah guitar. Definitely an appropriate and great song for Easter celebrations, but it reigns year round. (From Something 'Bout Love)

Fred 6 "Draw Nigh"
Who can forget this song? It goes way back to the Spirit of David album, but then it made a splash all over again on the Pages Of Life video. The song is evidently timeless, something consistent with all great writing. Powerful worship song!! (From Spirit of David)

Fred 5 "Jesus Be A Fence"
This remake of the Sam Cooke classic is one that Fred made all his own with the rocking vamp, and generous modulations. Children, parents and grandparents alike enjoyed this song. You gotta ask, how many churches sang that song and dared to go up in key as many times as Fred and RFC did in live performances? (From Purpose By Design)

Fred 4 "Glory to Glory to Glory"
Such a fun and Word-filled song. Fred took words out of Jude and made them into a jam that crossed over into many different denominations and cultures. This song just says "Praise and worship God!!" (From The Inner Court)

Fred 3 "You Are The Living Word"
"Jesus, Jesus that's what we call You". Those words were so synonymous with Fred and the last 6 years, and they were a fixture of personal times in worship. Fred outdid himself with this one. (From The Inner Court)

Fred 2 "We're Blessed"
The song got a reworking on Pages of Life Vol 1 and 2, years after its first appearance on The Inner Court. OK, who didn't sing this song? Fred writes those songs that have that long-lasting effect. People never get tired of those songs. "We're Blessed" is a prime example of his knack to take a powerful declaration from the Bible (Deuteronomy 28) and make it into an anthem to be enjoyed for many decades to come. Fred sings this one at a concert and the place goes wild. (From The Inner Court / Pages of Life Vol. 1 and 2)

Fred 1 "No Weapon"
This has to be one of the greatest songs ever written. Even though Fred did not write it, he made it his own and put his stamp on it. So many people have used that song during times of adversity. When many people think of Fred Hammond, they think of "No Weapon", for it is his signature song. (From The Spirit of David)

Honorable Mentions:

  • "Power" (from the Prince of Egypt Soundtrack). This song was funky and featured the smooth vocals of Danielle Stephens, Tosha Brown, the invaluable PamKenyon Donald and of course, Fred Hammond.

  • "He's Not Just a Man". This was written by the talented Charles Laster and super writer, Kim Rutherford. Fred sings it with a mighty passion, on Speak Those Things: POL Chapter 3.

  • "Promise Keeper" This song sat in obscurity amongst the many hits on the Spirit Of David album, but it is a wonderful cut with a light pop sound and gorgeous vocals by Radical for Christ.

  • "Simply Put" This one is from Free to Worship and may be unfamiliar to many, but in a year, people will put it in their top 5 Fred Hammond songs of all times. Mark my word!!

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