Insider with Mary Alessi and Martha Munizzi

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Twin sisters Mary Alessi and Martha Munizzi have embarked on twined, but separate paths as solo Gospel artists.

They may look alike, but you'll see from their joint responses to our exclusive Insider Interview below, that they don't necessarily think alike.

In this feature, we put the same questions to both of them, some mundane, some not. Check out their responses, and see how they compare.

And don't forget to check out both of their latest albums either!

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QuestionMary Alessi Martha Munizzi
As a mother, what is the greatest piece of advice you've received, and who gave it to you? My mother. She told me to pick my battles. Some you'll win, some you'll feel like you're losing, but still only pick the ones that are worth fighting. My mother told me once that if my kids weren't mad at me at least once a day then I wasn't being a good mother!
What is the best word or phrase to describe you? Optimistic Encourager
Mary Alessi Martha Munizzi
What is the smartest thing you ever did? Marry my husband! When I gave my life to Jesus Christ.
What cause do you believe in the most? Metro's Mercy House - our girl's home. I believe strongly in helping young teenage girls get a second chance at self-esteem and dealing with life issues. Teaching and training the next generation of singers and musicians. We are launching a school of ministry where we mentor praise and worship leaders, songwriters, and musicians.
What one person would love to have a conversation with and what would you ask? God... "What are mosquitoes for?" Eve..."What were you thinking?"
Which artist is in your CD player right now? Martha Munizzi (No Limits), When Women Worship, & Hillsong United Mary Alessi (When Women Worship) & Jonathan Stockstill (Let The Church Rise)
What one thing would it be hard for you live without? Shopping Chocolate
Who are your favorite singers? Celine Dion, Donnie McClurkin, Nicole Binion & Martha Munizzi CeCe Winans, Donnie McClurkin, & Mary Alessi
What is your most embarrassing moment? When I gave someone an autograph and gave the wrong scripture reference next to my name. The lady wrote me later and asked me to explain why I had picked that particular scripture. It was a scripture all about demonic forces controlling you! I felt so stupid. I always check my references now. I asked someone how his wife was doing and I had forgotten she had passed away 10 years ago.
What's your favorite song on When Women Worship? "I Surrender All (All To You I Owe)" "I Surrender All (All To You I Owe)"
What is your favorite food? Southern cooking! Some people call it Soul Food or Country Food. I don't care what you call it, I just love it! Soul food! One of my favorite restaurants is in Harlem called AmyRuth's. It's the Best!!!
Mary Alessi Martha Munizzi
With everyone having a favorite thing, what is it that you collect? I'm not really a collector of any one thing but I do like to keep jewelry boxes in my dressing area. People periodically give them to me as gifts. I've never been good at collecting things because I love to give stuff away.
Who is it that you'd love to work with in the music industry but haven't had the chance to? Kirk Franklin. I would just like to sit in the studio with him for a day and see how he works. I think everyone would probably agree. Tye Tribbett. I love his music and his energy.
Who is the one person you have yet to meet and really want to? Oprah - don't we all! Nelson Mandela
What is the one question you get asked the most? Are you really Martha Munizzi's twin? How did you make it in Gospel music?
What one item in your purse could you not leave home without? My credit card! My wallet!
Your secret talent? I can do a pretty good British accent. It drives my husband and kids crazy and they are the only ones I let hear it. My husband says that I'm a great cook. I love trying out new recipes on my family.
If you were invisible for a day, you would...? Follow my kids to school and see how they really behave in class! Listen in on my kid's conversations.
You are identical twins —but what is your most distinctly different characteristic? I'm prettier. I'm way prettier.
What quality did having children bring out in you? Patience, endurance and looooooongsuffering! Realizing that as much as I love my children, God loves me even more!

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insider interview by Melanie Clark
(May 2007)

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