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Don't Struggle
September 7, 2004

Welcome to Hip-Hop as I see it.

Corey Red and Precise. New York’s hip-hop purist. Don’t struggle. Don’t resist. Just give up and maybe you’ll learn a thing or two. I had to chance to holla at these catz concerning their new album, Resistance Iz Futile (see album review).

Red resides from Bronx and Precise resides Staten Island, both in the heart of New York. Few words describe album; hard, honest, gully. And It’s been a long time coming.

These catz have been on MAD mixtapes and the release of their album was like a ten and half month pregnant mother pushing out her long-awaited baby.

Corey Red and Precise And why did it take so long? “Because I know what I want to hear”, Corey says. “Once I hear a beat that matches what’s going on in my head, then we good”.

And why Rezistance is Futile? “Because all the pressures and all the things we’ve gone though trying to stop us, it’s like we saying, just give up”, adds Corey. “There’s nothing to stop us”

I always believe the most important thing of any artist or ministry is their vision, where they are going. And most of the time you don’t know. But God can place an idea in the back of your mind and give you a glimpse that you hold deep in your heart. So what is the vision of this duo? Both are similar yet still personalized. Precise’s vision is “to make Christ clearer” to all that have or haven’t heard of Him. “We see and here all of these things about God, but I want to break down what does that really mean” says Precise.

Corey adds, “I want to show the differences between the church culture and the Kingdom of God”. They are two different things”.

That’s what’s up. We all have these ideas of what God is about and most of the time we’re as correct as that old school show Amen. What exactly is living for God really about? This is what Red and Precise ministries are about.

Then I dropped the bomb question —where do you see yourself in 5 to 7 years? This is probably the hardest question to ask a couple of visionaries like these, because they could’ve kept me on the phone for next 3 hours. And like most of us, they had an idea, but are still waiting for heaven’s clarity.

“I’m a preacher, man”, Precise said. “No matter what I do, I’m a preacher. But I also see myself as that older brother to some of these catz trying to come up in hip-hop and do their thing for Christ.” It seems like music ministry will always follow Precise.

“I see myself being a thorn in flesh of the world”, says Corey. “And not just in music, but there’s something outside of music that God has for me”.

Sometimes we are scared to take that next step into what God has for us, because it might mean putting away something we love, like rapping. But these catz let me know that they ain’t scared. They look forward to the new things God is bringing around the corner. And as Corey puts it, "This is hardcore Gospel rap. That's what we do."

We’ll all look forward to the greatness that God has for Corey Red and Precise.

— column by Sean Slaughter
September 7, 2004

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