Lil iROCC Williams

Lil' iROCC Williams

Atlanta-bred half-pint rapper Lil’ iROCC Williams bows with two labels supporting him on his self-titled project.

CDEMI Gospel and Forefront Records team up for the album, a set definitely geared toward the young teen and near-teen set with summer anthems and bounce tracks featuring support and production from a roster of names that includes GRITS, tobyMac, Todd Collins and Canton Jones.

Lil’ iROCC kicks things off with “i-R-O-C-C”, where he details the meaning of his moniker, an anagram for "I Rely On Christ Completely", with a lower case 'i' to indicate the lessening of self.

That's the theme of the album, a legitimate, fun-filled 17-tracker —dramatic skits (or scenes) included —that address subjects relevant to the playground, relationships and other themes that will grab the interest of any thirteen-year-old.

The lead single, “All My People” (from the pen of Todd Collins and Jonah Sorrentino aka KJ-52) extols the virtues of unity in the community, encouraging
Lil' iROCC Williams
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one and all to lift up hands of praise. Pounding, deep piano chords set the groove on the sparse track, allowing iROCC’s flow to be forefront.

The Incorporated Elements team steps in to produce “How We Do It”, a funkdafied cut featuring some nice guest touches and flows from tobyMac and GRITS and hefty sampling from DCTalk's smash hit, "Jesus Freak". Sizzling electric guitar fades the track.

“Lunchtime”, with appearances from newcomer Antonio Phelon and DaMonsta doesn’t get real deep, it’s simply an acknowledgement of representing Christ at ALL times (“from the cafeteria to the hallway, from the 1rst bell to the 8th bell, that’s all day”).

Another album notable is the comforting “No Tears” which brings in Virtue’s Karima Kibble for smooth vocal duties as her sampled voice is feathered over iROCC’s riding flow.

Then soul specialist and fellow Atlantan Canton Jones enters on “Next Generation Hip Hop”, splicing his chorus line into iROCC’s able mic abilities. The cut claims the future Lil iROCC Williamsgeneration for holy hip hop, as Big ROCC (iROCC’s dad) drops lines as well.

Amidst the numerous pop-rap tracks and fun-loving skits are multiple bonus features —several wallpaper downloads for your computer, and links to the video of “All My People”.

Over all, Lil’ iROCC Williams doesn’t pretend to be what he’s not —and that’s refreshing in today' hip hop circles. The hip hop newcomer simply acknowledges Christ in everything that meets his path, in his Spirit-filled, youthful way that is sure to meet its mark with younger heads.

Producers: Various
album release date: June 24, 2003
EMI Gospel / Forefront Records

— reviewed by Stan North

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