Mary Mary

Mary Mary

The sister duo that took the "Shackles" off of our feet and shared the "Incredible" love of God with the masses is back with their long-awaited junior project. Erica Campbell and Tina Campbell present their junior effort, a self-titled project which blends some of the familiar with the duo's continually progressive touch for a record that will cause heads to turn for quite some time.

CDAt the production helm of this 11-track presentation is the group's longtime producer and Soul Seekers member, Warryn Campbell, who continues to drop all sorts of heat. He handles production for the lion's share of this effort while remaining innovative in his presentation (read interview with Mary Mary).

Campbell, affectionately known as "Baby Dubb", drops his lyrical flow on the slickly sampled "Save Me Now", while borrowing a keyboard intro from the early Commissioned classic, "Save Me" (see Commissioned discography). Mary Mary tell of the importance and need for God's saving power in this lost world.

Powerful partnerships continue as Kirk Franklin joins the sisters on the urban worship groove titled "And I". Reminiscent of the slick 90's new jack swing era, this track combines laidback funk with pure adoration of the King, and it's a must-hear.

The same can be said for the creative "Biggest, Greatest Thing". This, the shortest track on the project could easily be the sleeper of the album as the sisters vocally visit the roaring 20's complete with the authentic big band sound and vocal arrangements. It's simply amazing, and the lyrics are poignant ("biggest, greatest thing I've never seen").

Mary Mary
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"Believer" expresses the passion of the sisters at its finest as they express their staunch stance as a true believer of Christ's power. It doesn't hurt that it happens to be the funkiest track from the camp in quite some time. "Real Party (Trevon's Birthday)" is another one that's grooved (and comes available in 12 inch vinyl!).

"Love You That Much" and "Speak To Me" show the heart of the sisterly duo as both songs express elements of intimacy and allow the listener to peer into the authenticity of their relationship with God. Both cuts are touching and are bound to inspire all to seek after God with genuine passion.

The lead single, "Heaven", is all over radio, and it's a classic, with its jamadelic sounds. Remixed twice ("Maurice's Nu Soul Mix" and "Joe Smooth Club Mix") and put on 12 inch vinyl, this cut has DJs all over it.

It's tough to exceed what's gone before, but we'll go out on a limb and say that this self-titled effort is Mary Mary's best to date. Fusing sincerity with ministry, intimacy, and relevance, Mary Mary is back and this effort was well worth the wait.

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Producers: Warryn Campbell, Nisan Stewart, Steve Huff, Charlie & Kenny Bereal, Jazz Nixon
album release date: July 19, 2005
Columbia / Sony Urban

— reviewed by Gerard Bonner

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