Michelle Williams and Ramiyah


After a lot of industry buzz, the debut project from Ramiyah is upon us.

Sherise Staten, Tracy Bryant, DeLaurian Burton and Stephanie Bonner have linked with hit producers PAJAM to bring a street-savvy urban project that's destined to put this new girl group on the map (see interview with Ramiyah).

CDThis 17-track ride has nothing but flava written all over it. The introduction, which is an audible cross between Charlie's Angels and The Matrix, sets the stage for a project that is simply special. J. Moss and the entire PAJAM crew are primarily at the production helm for this effort.

In addition, Moss and pda (Paul Allen) penned over half of the project. PAJAM, whose production credits range from Kelly Price and N'Sync to Dawkins & Dawkins and Hezekiah Walker, put down some of their best work on this project.

And Ramiyah perfectly compliments those production efforts. Their vocal blend is as smooth as silk and the ladies sound as though they've been together for years rather than virtual
Michelle Williams / Ramiyah
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strangers introduced via an audition. Nonetheless, the album is smokin'. Some definite jeep-bumpers include "Just Stop", "Here We Go (Holla)", and "Turn It Out".

There's no doubt that Ramiyah knows how to party. They also don't come to the party empty-handed as they bring passion and sincerity to their vocals, along with a few gifted friends.

PAJAM mainstay J. Moss shares lead vocals on "The Reason" which goes from a party to a testimony explaining the group's love for God. This song comes straight from the heart and it's easy to tell that every run (and there are lots of them) is a distinct derivative of a heartfelt relationship with Christ.

If that's not enough, the quartet get some help from Dorinda Clark-Cole, Karen Clark-Sheard and Kierra Sheard on "Don't Nobody Know". That track could easily be the summer anthem as it blends a hot jam with amazing vocals from the Clark clan and Ramiyah. This one will be spending a lot of time in your CD player.

Ramiyah Labelmate H.R. Crump contributes his writing and production efforts along with Solange Knowles on the tracks "Power From God" and "Cover". Both are smooth and urban that quickly become favorites. Just as Ramiyah excels at uptempo jams, they perform equally well in a ballad format.

"Waiting" is a strong slow jam that speaks of their desire to see Christ and be prepared for His imminent return. "I Told You" is a song that serves as a strong witnessing tool, as it speaks of the sacrifice that Christ made to show His love for His people.

The girl group even does a 37-second cover of "Ooo...Can't Find Words 2 Say" from fellow Detroit group Special Gift. There's even a cameo appearance on the project from labelmate Michelle Williams, who offers an encouraging word to the group.

There's just no denying the potency of this project. With its strong urban vibe and heavy slant towards street ministry, Ramiyah makes an impressive introduction to the industry.

Producers: PAJAM, HR Crump, Solange Knowles, Wirlie Morris
album release date: June 10, 2003
Integrity Gospel / Music World Gospel

reviewed by Gerard Bonner

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