Woman Thou Art Loosed Worship 2000, Available Now!

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Bishop T.D. Jakes Presents: Woman Thou Art Loosed
Worship 2002: Run To The Water...The River Within

Bishop T.D. Jake's Woman Thou Art Loosed conference has been an annual gathering for years now, but it's been 1997 since the musical portion of the event has been recorded for all to hear on CD.

So it was a relief to hear that the 2001 edition of the women's conference (held at the New Orleans Superdome) Woman Thou Art Loosed CDsaw Dexterity Sounds / EMI Gospel give the cue to start the audio tape rolling again (see album's website for audio clips).

The title is a mouthful, but says it all: Bishop T.D. Jakes Presents: Woman Thou Art Loosed Worship 2002: Run To The Water...The River Within.

The project begins with the energetic query, "are there any blessed ladies in the house?". The strongly affirmative answer is in evidence throughout the CD.

Darwin Hobbs takes the lead on the opening groovesome invitation to worship, "Praise the Lord With Me (Bless the Lord With Me)", getting ample call and response echo from the assembled mass vocal ensemble. Jimmie Thomas takes the baton on the follow-up song, a fresh arrangement of Gary Oliver's "Holy, Holy, Holy".

The industry's most capable hands carry the project into excellence, with Kevin Bond producing and taking musical director credits. Steve Lawrence
Woman Thou Art Loosed
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co-produces and also directs and handles choral arrangements. The musician corps includes Cedric Thompson on organ, Joey Woolfalk on guitar, Bond on keys and programming along with Jeremy Haynes on drums and the duo of Sharay Reed and Darrell Freeman tackling bass.

Some of the most popular praise and worship tunes are covered by some very respected vocalists.

Shirley Murdock shines on "Lord, I Lift Your Name on High" and Judith McCallister signals the energetic praise on the ever-rising "Oh Give Thanks".

Steve Lawrence also sings on this project, both on the worshipful new song "Your Majesty" as well as on the familiar "Be Glorified" where he joins with LeJuene Thompson.

Strong contributions from Lady "Joy" Hill ("I Honor You", "O Thou Most High (I Will Sing Praises)") and further participation from Jimmie Thomas ("Release Your Power",Woman Thou Art Loosed CD "Blessing, Glory and Honor") provide for some of the album's most meditative praises. Softer, relaxed vocals from the backing praise team mark these cuts.

Three rousing sermonettes from Bishop Jakes on topics that focus on worship and spiritual warfare punctuate in spoken word what the psalmists deliver in song. Jakes also closes the project, singin "Amazing Grace" with the full backing of the blessed throngs at the New Orleans Superdom behind him.

Know that whether male or female, you've got yourself a winner in this project. Musical and ministerial excellence are superbly married and with that, you just can't go wrong.

Producers: Kevin Bond, Steve Lawrence
album release date: January 29, 2002
Dexterity Sounds / EMI Gospel

reviewed by Stan North

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