Interview with Shirley Murdock
About Gospel's Leading Ladies

The latest musical offering from Bishop T.D. Jakes hones in on the vast musical talent available from Gospel's most gifted female singers (see album review).

At the same time, God's Leading Ladies offers to the listener the truth, the hope and the comfort of knowing that no matter what the nature of a particular woman's gift, that God loves and honors all.

Shirley Murdock With a world of experience that spans both R&B success and her return home to the glory of Gospel, songstress Shirley Murdock has a unique perspective on the theme of the album.

Gospelflava.com put some questions to Shirley Murdock. Here is her side of the equation:

Gospelflava.com: Can you explain what your song on the album means to you, personally?

Shirley Murdock: I had the pleasure of singing a duet with Kelly Price, and that alone is awesome for me. Kelly is a beautiful sister who has a beautiful heart for God.

The song is entitled "The Curtain's Raised" and it deals with coming out from the backstage of life, where I received my script or assignment, as well as all the hidden treasures and gifts that God put in me. After all the rehearsals (which are my life's' experiences both good and bad, joy and sorrow, failure and victory, just everything that Romans 8:28 speaks of), finally my curtain is raised, and the Lord is presenting me to the world as His leading lady.

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Click for review The latest in line of successful musical ministry projects from Bishop T.D. Jakes comes bundled in much the same way that his ground-breaking Sacred Love Songs album did in 1999 —a book-inspired collection of mostly-new music.... see Full Review.
It's my time and my season with my God! I'm going to play this role with class, dignity, and excellence to the glory of a most excellent God.

Gospelflava.com: What do you consider to be the importance of this album in the marketplace, with regard to the message behind it?

Shirley Murdock: The Bible says that they overcame him (the devil) by the blood of the Lamb and the word of their testimony. When a sister has been victorious over a situation, she then has the key to unlock the door that will set another sister free.

Therefore, all of these awesome testimonies of victory through song are going forth to set the captives free. Starting with Patti Labelle's "Always There", which speaks of the blessed assurance we have in Christ, to Karen Clark Sheard's theme of temptation and overcoming it on "Fatal Attraction", to The Winans Women's declaration of dependence on the Lord in "Praying Women" and all the way to Helen Baylor's shout of victory in "Finally", this is ministry at its finest.

Gospelflava.com: This album was birthed from the ever-growing musical ministry of Bishop T.D. Jakes. Can you describe thing from Jakes' ministry that has God used to minister or speak to you about?

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Shirley Murdock: The Bible says that my footsteps are order by God. Bishop Jakes, along with my Pastors Lawrence and Darlene Bishop were instrumental in pointing the way to my destiny. They 'saw' who I really was in Christ.

It's just like my song with Kelly says, "Destiny brought me this moment... right here, right now, over me the curtain is raised".

We as Christians have to be very mindful to see one another through the eyes of Christ, or we risk missing the gift of God that is in another person. Gospelflava.com: On the musical tip, what should we be looking for from you in the next little while?

Shirley Murdock: I am continuing to promote my "Home" CD, which I am excited to say earned me first Stellar Award nomination! It is a blessing to be in the company of such awesome women as Yolanda Adams, Helen Baylor and Joann Rosario.

However it turns out, I am grateful and feel that I have already won by just being here. Everything else is a bonus. You can look for me next year traveling with the God's Leading Ladies conference, continuing to do Gospel plays, and all the while writing songs for my next CD.

I believe that complete ministry is both vertical and horizontal. We must address every day problems with the Good News (Gospel) message of hope, love and peace.

interview by Stan North

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